Italy: Leftists Plant Bombs at Lega Headquarters

Diversity Macht Frei
August 18, 2018

A bomb exploded in Villorba, Italy, in the province of Treviso, outside the headquarters of the “far-right” Lega Nord party. No one was hurt. Another bomb was defused by specialists. A left-wing anarchist group claimed credit for the bombs on the internet.


Matteo Salvini, leader of the Lega, said on Twitter “They are trying to stop us but thugs and delinquents don’t frighten us.”

Of course there is virtually no coverage of this in the mainstream media. You can imagine how different it would have been if right-wingers had bombed the headquarters of a left-wing party.

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  1. Remember goy… guys, it’s right wing violence everyone should fear, yeah.

  2. Bon says:

    Most likely ZOG is behind the bombings b/c of this:

    Italy: Support for Salvini Rockets as African Invasion Drops over 95%—and Trickling to Complete Halt

    Italy’s Lega leader Matteo Salvini is now that country’s most popular politician as news emerged that his anti-invasion policies have brought the African invasion down by more than 95 percent—and seems set to halt completely within a short while.

    What patriotic Italians want - their history, heritage, traditions and beautiful cities.

    What ZOG wishes to destroy:

    And replace with:

    ITALY: Dozens of African Migrants raid, loot, rob and destroy Restaurant in Sardinian Town:

    And race- replace Italians with:

  3. This shows the lefties are domestic terrorists all along!

  4. I sometimes wonder if the whole world is inching towards a war between left and right.



  6. At this point the ‘leftists’, whether they’re brainwashed normies or hired goons, are basically the paramilitary wing of ZOG and the political left.

  7. Italy has a long history of leftist terrorism… This movie we have all seen before… But this is the digital age of course… Prior to this age, The Left could obscure the reality of leftist terrorism in smaller countries such as Italy (of course they could also do it in larger countries like Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution)…

    The JewsMedia does this by doing a little minimizing here, a little marginalizing there, add in a bit of obfuscation or conflation of concepts here too, and then of course the favorite of the JewsMedia- which is the Lie via Omission… All those ingredients/tactics combine thus to give Westerners a totally puzzled view of what is actually happening on the ground…

    This template was repeated in Syria and in The Ukraine recently, and in Libya, and of course the best example is Palestine…

    Salvini needs to stand up strong, present himself as the strong-man that will hold the country together, as the man strong enough to crush the leftist terrorism… The Italians will naturally gravitate toward that type of alpha attitude…

  8. We’re going to see this in America soon. Count on it.

  9. Salvini should use this as a pre-text to talk with the leaders of Forza Nuova, Casa Pound, The brothers of Italy; and other various Right-wing things; and have a big round table discussion; about communist terrorism.

  10. This is the perfect time to go after the leftists and Jews. Investigate all these leftist parties for terrorism.

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