It Happened! Shadow-Banned Youtuber Tried to Exact Vengeance on Evil Corporation

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 22, 2018

Got to hand it to the FBI. When it’s a white man about to do something naughty, they’re on the case.

Not so much when a brown person decides to do the same, but then, that’s probably some other department’s job.

The Smoking Gun:

An Oregon man who believed that he was “shadow-banned” from YouTube due to a Deep State conspiracy was arrested yesterday for allegedly threatening to shoot employees of the online video giant, according to court records.

FBI agents collared William Gregory Douglas, 35, in connection with a recent series of threatening Twitter posts directed at YouTube and its chief executive, Susan Wojcicki.

In his tweets, Douglas complained that his YouTube channel had been disabled and threatened to kill “100 YouTube employees” and cause “massive casualties.” Claiming that he was a few hours away from the firm’s California headquarters, Douglas warned, “if you are just going to ignore me try ignoring my gun you fucks.”

Bet that felt good to say. Not so good to get arrested for talking big on the internet though… because, you know, the FBI monitors people, if you haven’t heard, let me tell you that right now so you don’t forget.

This case stands in stark contrast to the story of this chick.

Who got away with shooting 3 people before shooting herself.

In other words, we can learn two lessons from this incident:

  1. If you’re white and you talk about shooting up Youtube, the FBI will find you
  2. If you want Youtube HQ to be shot up, wait for a brown person to go ahead and do it for you

We’ve outsourced our manufacturing jobs, soon we’ll outsource our doctors and skilled professionals, and in the meantime, we’re outsourcing our domestic terrorists.

Hello sir, what can I blow up for you?

It’s a crowded market out there for White men, and they just can’t compete. And it’s not that White men won’t do these jobs, it turns out – it’s that they aren’t as talented at Opsec and batshit crazy as the migrant workers.

Too prone to sounding off about “the Deep State” and sending incriminating messages while high on painkillers (presumably) to get nicked by the FBI in the middle of the night.

Sorry, bud! You’re fired!

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