It Doesn’t Matter That “Jesus is King” is a Horrible Album

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 26, 2019

Kanye West’s latest record, “Jesus is King,” finally dropped on Friday, and as was predicted, it is terrible, schizophrenic and confusing. It is not “challenging” in the sense of challenging the listener to look inside himself, to reflect in order to understand, but challenging in the sense of a Dodge Challenger crashing into a crowd and a fat woman having a heart attack as a result.

Listening to it, I found myself squinting through virtually the entire experience.

But you know – whatever.

It would have been nice if Ye had surprised us and released his first good album in… a really, really long time. But it’s okay that he didn’t.

It was such a bold move to just come out with the name “JESUS IS KING.”

That really is the ultimate rebel statement, and one that the culture needs. So I thank Kanye for that.

He’s making other statements the culture needs.

He gave an interview about Jesus and God and dealing with pornography addiction recently, which was fantastic.

Kanye is a weird person, and he has black schizophrenia, which is at least as bad as normal schizophrenia.

But he is a positive influence on the culture.

Really one of the only ones left.

So I do salute him.

And who knows – maybe zoomers who are too young to remember when Kanye actually was good will enjoy this album.

I hope someone does.


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