Israeli Knesset Grants Netanyahu New War Powers

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
May 4, 2018

It is now even easier for the Jewish war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu to wage new wars.

The Israeli Knesset has just passed legislation that centralizes war powers within the executive branch of their government. The move has drawn criticism from many Israelis.

National Post:

As Israel faces rising tensions with Iran, Syria and Gaza, its Parliament passed a new law allowing the prime minister and defense minister to decide alone whether their nation will go to war.

The legislation, which comes after multiple attacks inside Syria widely believed to have been carried out by Israel, makes it much easier for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to declare war. Although the new law restricts the use of that power to “extreme circumstances,” it has provoked domestic criticism for concentrating it in the hands of just two people.

The law is “nothing less than insane,” said Ofer Shelah, a legislator from the centrist Yesh Atid party, which sits in opposition. “I am deluged with calls from experienced security officials who are shocked, and rightfully so,” he wrote on Twitter.

The measure, an amendment to the Basic Laws that serve as Israel’s constitution, passed Monday night by a vote of 62-41 in the 120-seat Knesset. The vote was initially overshadowed by Netanyahu’s dramatic, televised news conference the same night in which he presented evidence that he said proved that Iran had been lying about its efforts to build a nuclear weapon.

For all intents and purposes, this gives Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu unilateral power to wage war. Splitting the power between the offices of prime minister and defense minister is just a technicality. Plus, the term “extreme circumstances” could mean almost anything.

Previously, the entire cabinet had to approve any decision to wage war. Now Netanyahu can kick off a war almost any time he wants. The chances of Netanyahu waging a broader war is becoming higher by the day. He’s still facing domestic political problems over a corruption investigation and the geopolitical situation has become much worse for Israel.

The Jews are an evil race who take great joy in dropping bombs on women and children.

There certainly hasn’t been much to cheer about if you are an evil Zionist Jew. Especially when you consider some of these recent geopolitical events.

  • Israel’s propping up of Islamic terrorists in Syria failed to overthrow Bashar Al-Assad.
  • Two separate baby gassing hoaxes falsely blamed on Assad failed to bring in widespread American intervention.
  • An attempt to start a color revolution in Iran over feminism ended in failure.
  • Iranian forces are setting up bases in Syria alongside the Israeli border.
  • Israel is begging Russia not to deploy their advanced S-300 air defense system in Syria.
  • Israel is dealing with a global public relations disaster stemming from their continued shooting and gassing of Palestinian protesters in Gaza.
  • Bibi’s recent powerpoint presentation claiming that Iran is lying about nuclear weapons has been mocked and laughed at.

Based on all this, there’s a good chance that Bibi could overplay his hand and launch a reckless and poorly conceived war.

He would be gambling on the idea that the US would have to back him up… but would they?

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