Israeli Jew Organ Thieves Descend on Puerto Rico

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 1, 2017

The Jews are here to help you, poor brown people.

Times of Israel:

After he managed to bribe three van drivers to load their vehicles with aid supplies and drive him and his crew from the San Juan airport, Eli Rowe felt his humanitarian mission was off to a good start.

Rowe’s crew of 12 paramedics and emergency medical technicians was one of a few Jewish aid missions trying to help Puerto Rico begin recovering from the impact of Hurricane Maria, which hit the island directly last week. The storm created what aid workers and residents describe as a post-apocalyptic scenario: Power is out for much of the island, cellphone service is hard to find, gas is even more scarce and food supplies are dwindling. Roads are crumbling. Hospitals are on the brink.

IsraAid, the Israeli disaster relief group, sent a team of five that is stationed in Haiti. The team landed Tuesday in San Juan and is focused on providing physical and psychological first aid and distributing filters that can purify contaminated water.

…except that in Haiti they’ve been repeatedly accused of organ-theft.

They’ve said this is “blood libel” – well, why is no one else being accused of it?

Why only Jews?

Okay, Haitians are “anti-Semites” – everyone who ever accuses Jews of anything is driven by an irrational hatred – but why are Haitians anti-Semites?

That’s the question, isn’t it?

I mean at some point, the idea that the entire world has an “irrational” hatred for Jews – for thousands of years – simply stops making sense.

Conversely, the idea that Jews have a uniquely negative behavior pattern that everyone who is around them tends to notice makes a whole lot of sense.

One thing that has not been noted in their behavior pattern is charity for non-Jews.

However, both theft and chopping up of bodies have been repeatedly noted.