Israel Openly Praises Iranian Revolution, Wishing Terrorist Uprising “Success”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 1, 2017

Just waiting for Saudi Arabia to come out and praise a democratic revolution in Iran…

Oh. The Jews are happy that coincidentally a revolution began in Iran just exactly when they needed a revolution in Iran.



Israel’s intelligence minister has encouraged Iranian anti-government demonstrators, saying many threats to the Jewish state will disappear if they prevail. The remark came as violent unrest snowballs across the country.

“I can only wish success to the Iranian people in the struggle for freedom and democracy,” Intelligence Minister Israel Katz told Israeli Army Radio on Monday, as cited by Reuters.

The intelligence minister added: “If the people succeed in achieving freedom and democracy, many of the threats on Israel and the entire region today will disappear.

Katz also said that Iran’s “murderous regime” will eventually cease to exist. “The chief of staff of the Iranian army said the State of Israel will not exist in 25 years, I say to him – the State of Israel will exist forever, but you and your colleagues in the murderous regime will disappear long before,” Katz said, according to the Times of Israel.

In Iran, social unrest continues to grip the country, sweeping across several cities, including the capital, Tehran. Protests broke out last Thursday with people flocking to the streets to express their discontent over rising food prices, unemployment, and poor economic prospects.


Obviously, everyone commenting on this situation in the media understands that riots like this do not result in a “peaceful democracy.” They result in a broken state run by terrorist mobs at worst and a replacement strongman at best. (Well, I guess at best, you get intervention by Russia to secure the existing government. Technically, that outcome is possible.)

There is no “democracy” in Libya, where there is total chaos.

There is no “democracy” in Egypt, where a new strongman took over after the last one was ousted.

What the Jewish media is counting on is that you don’t remember what happened all of these times before when this happened during the so-called “Arab Spring.”

If even one of those countries had had a revolution that resulted in some kind of glorious new Western democracy, then you could at least argue that there is a chance of repeating that. But no. It didn’t happen in a single country.

Tunisia is the one they celebrate as a victory, and it was not a hardline Islamic country before the Arab Spring, nor is it a western-type democracy after the Arab Spring. That is to say, there was virtually no change whatsoever, but they celebrate it as a victory because it fits the narrative and they don’t expect people to look into it. And at one point they were going to establish a Sharia-based government, but decided not to. Then the opposition leader was assassinated. They’ve had regular terrorist attacks since the revolution, and the situation could devolve at any time – so it is absolutely less stable, while basically being mostly the same.

Here’s an informational map from the Economist:

The mainstream media will tell you straight-up that all of these revolutions were failures, if you’re looking, but then they won’t bring it up in the context of the next revolution.

In Iran, it is “this time’s the charm,” except the overwhelming majority of the media doesn’t say “this time’s the charm” because they don’t want you to remember how many times they told you a violent uprising in an Islamic country has happened and led to a disastrous situation.

In the media made for the more intelligent, they will say “this time’s the charm,” and then give long, confusing, convoluted arguments as to why, when this same plan has failed in a dozen countries over the last decade, it will work in Iran.

This is a mad situation.

And ironically, the fact that the media is able to get away with this kind of manipulation of public perception in our great Western democracies proves definitively that liberal democracy is an unworkable system that we absolutely should not be exporting to other countries.

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