ISIS Offers to Buy Michelle Obama as Sex Slave for $40

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 25, 2015

$40, Mohammed?  Are you sick?
$40, Mohammed? Are you sick?

Proving once again that they are completely unhinged psychopaths, ISIS has offered to pay $40 for Michelle Obama, so as they can use her as a sex slave.

What sort of a sick pervert would ever even think about having sex with Michelle Obama?

It really is a form of terrorism to even bring up the idea and force people to picture it. Then following that they have to imagine how much they would pay to not have sex with Michelle Obama.


The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) has published an article in the latest issue of its magazine, Dabiq, by jihadi bride Umm Summayyah, estimating that First Lady Michelle Obama is only worth $40 on the terrorist group’s slave market. Summayyah also defends the rape of thousands of Yazidi females.

The article, titled “Slave Girls or Prostitutes,” justifies the horrific actions inflicted upon the females ISIS kidnaps as they spread their caliphate through Iraq and Syria. She also promised to bring this lavish slave market to the West.

“I swear by Allah, O you who feign to be knowledgeable and shout with falsehood in every gathering, surely the slave markets will be established against the will of the politically ‘correct’!” she wrote. “And who knows, maybe Michelle Obama’s price won’t even exceed a third of a dīnār, and a third of a dīnār is too much for her!”

One dinar is $139.

Their magazine is here. Sort of interesting. It’s in English, of course. And they talk about planning the Texas attack on Geert Wilders. It’s also slick. Like a Moslem Vice.


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