Is the /pol/ Prophecy About to be Fulfilled?

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 23, 2018

Prophetic words, Mr. President.

Now, a refresher for those of you who are unaware of the /pol/ prophecy.

Rather strange for a president to tweet about the weather, no?

’tis a sign.

If you wondered why Trump did not intervene, and why he seemed cagey after the midterms… this is it.

The weather has cooled.

A sign of the end times if ever there was one.

Now we just have to wait for “the rod and the ring” to strike.

Both symbols of ultimate power, the rod and the ring are both in possession of Trump, even if he seems loath to exercise that power… yet.

If you no longer trust the president, at least trust the prophecy.

Because we’re headed for interesting times. 

All the other stuff in that prophecy has already happened – at least the stuff that I understand.

  • An island drifting away – Brexit.
  • A killing bolt shining in the night but not killing – Trump’s strikes of empty fields.
  • A star gorging itself on clay – Israel taking the Golan.
  • Idols – Hollywood and #metoo.
  • The black flag – ISIS capturing something or other.
  • The rest idk about although the dragon and the bear probably refer to China and Russia.

Where are some seers reading the auguries when you need them? 

Trying to divine Trump’s will is like an exercise in reading tea leaves.

A political science degree won’t help you – that shit is useless. You need heavenly divination abilities to understand what the man will do next.

This is both a good and a bad thing.

At the very least, his enemies are probably just as confused by his maneuvers as the rest of us. On the other hand, his supporters are reduced to divining anonymous prophecies posted on Taiwanese Basket-Weaving Forums because they honestly don’t have anything else to work with.

Wait and see, lads.

That’s all we can do now. Just wait and see.