Is It Really Happening? Wall Street is Melting Down

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
February 6, 2018

One of the preconditions for any serious grassroots political movement is an economic decline. Are we about to get that?


Wall Street saw its worst trading day in years on Monday as the Dow Jones industrial average plunged 1,175 points, marking the biggest daily point decline ever seen.

The collapse shaved 4.6 percent off the index, which represents a price-weighted average of 30 blue-chip American stocks that are generally the leaders in their industry.

The Dow also set an intra-day record drop of 1,600 points and at one point fell 800 points in a span of just 10 minutes.

The previous record drop in points took place on August 24, 2015, when the Dow plunged 1,089 points during the trading session. The biggest decline in percentage terms was on May 6, 2010, when the “flash crash” resulted in more than a 9 percent fall. Monday’s drop erased all gains by the Dow this year, with the index down 1.51 percent since January 1.

I don’t really understand any of that financial mumbo-jumbo.

But some traders are freaking out:

“A lot of people who have been in this market for the past three or four years have never seen this before,” said Dennis Dick, a proprietary trader at Bright Trading LLC in Las Vegas, as quoted by Reuters. “The psychology of the market changed today. It’ll take a while to get that psychology back.”

And most importantly for us, seeing how many crypto-enthusiasts we have in our ranks:


The entire cryptocurrency market was in double-digit losses on the day. Ethereum was down almost 30 percent at $589, losing all the gains it saw this year. It peaked $1,433 less than a month ago. Ripple plunged to $0.59 from a high of $3.80 in January.

And then there’s Zerohedge, which predicts emminent financial collapse every other day. Take it with a grain of salt, but they’re totally freaking out. I have no idea what the details all mean. But suffice it to say that a lot of people are in panic. There is talk of a similar meltdown as the one ten years ago.

Cue pictures of traders in suits covering their faces in shock:

I have to say though, is this a healthy state of affairs?

I’d say that 99% of people don’t have a clue what’s going on. And they have entrusted the well-being of the economy to people that shouldn’t be trusted as town dog-catchers.

And now we all have to worry about meltdowns that happen at a moment’s notice and plunge countries into recession, wiping people’s savings out.

But no one knows wtf is going on. It’s no different than praying to the rain gods for extra rain in spring to have a good harvest. Sometimes it works, sometimes there’s a drought. We peasants have no control over any of it, really.

I had to watch like 5 documentaries to even begin to understand what happened with Lehman and the Great Recession. Most people didn’t even bother.

Again, is this the way things should be?

Some computers running algorithms that shave off massive profits for Jewish trading firms, and in the process potentially sending the markets into freefall, leading to layoffs and bankruptcies?

This can’t be the only way of running things. In fact, it isn’t.

This time around though, I don’t think people are going to take it lying down. Ten years ago, everyone was just baffled, confused and ready to vote in Obama.

Now, I doubt they’ll be so easily fooled. IF things go south, we won’t get Occupy Wall St. This time around, we’ll get BANE.

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  1. Stock markets are a scam they are nothing but gambling casinos!

    Wall Street should be relocated to Las Vegas, or better, Israel!

    timestamp 14:38

    Max Musson’s thoughts on SHTF.

    In a sense, Max Musson is right because ZOG are trying so hard to prevent SHTF from happening!

  2. Sassy says:

    It’s a lot of these day traders that are greedy gambler merchants that can trigger these massive sells and trades.

    It is out of control.

    They still don’t know what triggered this sudden precipitous fall in one day (although the percentage of the fall was nothing new)…It was the rate at which it fell which was the scary part.

    They are saying it was expectation of higher interest rates after the jobs figures came out on Friday, iirc.

    ??? I mean the stock market doesn’t react that aggressively even when higher rates are announced.

    What I am trying to suggest is that (((somebody))) did something.

  3. Without a complete and total meltdown we have no hope. The tower of babilon can not come down soon enough.

  4. The market is fraudulently over-valued and is over-bought. There is four times more derivative debt than there was during the 2007-2008 crisis. The investment banks did nothing to change their gambling behavior after they got the bailouts.
    You can’t have ten years of a rising stock market with no corrections. That is not healthy nor is it natural.

    This drop is not a correction. As it affected all global markets. This is the crack in the damn before the big crash yet to come.

    This will not lead to a recession, but a depression of tremendous magnitude. It will take decades to recover. All the debt bubbles will burst all at once. This will be bigger than the Great Depression.

    800 trillion margin-derivative debt bubble.
    Residential real estate debt bubble.
    Commercial real estate debt bubble.
    Auto loan debt bubble.
    Student loan debt bubble.
    Consumer credit debt bubble.

    Two very vulnerable and floundering institutions…Wells Fargo and Deutsche Bank are very likely to go belly up and bankrupt during this crash.
    A very good chance that General Electric is done for unless military contracts leading up to war with China may somehow save it.

  5. Fanda says:

    The US Dollar is in the process of losing its status as global reserve currency. This is happening right now, various countries are making deals in Chinese RMB.

    We can argue later about whether this is a genuine revolution, or the Rothschilds setting up shop somewhere else, the parasite having destroyed its American host. Although the Rothschilds seem to be in meltdown right now, selling properties left and right. This stock market crash is probably a reaction to the memo, in anticipation of further, more revealing memos, but the PetroYuan is in the background.

    The USA is something of a banana republic, relying on one big export item for its trade. Unfortunately, that item is the US Dollar, which nobody is going to want in a few months time. How will the blacks react when gibs stop working? What will all these government affirmative action hires do when the government can’t pay them? I guess a lot of Mexicans will simply return to Mexico, but anyone with genuine skills fulfilling real needs will be fine. I also expect gender relations to return to something approaching normality, as women will need someone to provide for them once more.

  6. The stock market was traditionally an insider’s game for rich elites. Normie middle class people were not allowed to invest or trade as they were not rich or sophisticated enough to participate.

    Then came mutual funds. Designed to pool your risk and bring in the middle class sheep in for the slaughter. So now the rich elites are considered preferred investors and buy their own special preferred stocks and get special privileges in trading them.

    Now people mistakenly deem the stock market as a high-yield savings account and even have their retirement funds linked to the market. This is not what the stock market actually is and it never will be.

    One of the biggest banking errors and frauds was to not keep separated the savings and loan institution from the activities of investment banks. That was a true protection for the middle class.

  7. Walter says:

    Neither do I, except that it´s all one giant jewish scam to make or break the economies of entire nations, or even the world.

    “We created economic crises for the Gentiles by the withdrawal of money from circulation. Mass capital stagnated, money was withdrawn from use by the various governments, and they in turn were obliged to turn back to the capitalists for loans. Such loans naturally embarrassed the governments owing to the payment of interest charges, and made them subservient to the capitalists. … .” The Protocolls of the Learned Elders of Zion quoted in Henry Ford, The International Jew

    Lincoln and Hitler had their own (fiat) money printed via state owned agencies/banks, made their own economies flourish through low interest loans to vital parts of their respective economies and fought huge wars.
    If it works for the jews it can work for us.
    For all the gold nut anti-fiat-money folks out there I composed a few quotes from Henry Fords The International Jew.

    Remember that when next you hear the Jewish plan that “Gentiles” shall do business with their own bits of paper, while Jews keep the gold reserve safely in their own hands. If a crash comes, “Gentiles” have the paper and Jews the gold. If bits of paper serve ordinarily, the world may some time decide to do away with the gold. Certainly a system which rests on Cash yet works with Not-Cash, has disadvantages which depression and panic reveal. Says Protocol XXII – “We hold in our hands the greatest modern power – gold; in two days we could free it from our treasuries in any desired quantities.” -Henry FORD : The International Jew

    1. It has demonstrated the necessity of gold. Jewish power rests on the fiction that gold is wealth. By the premeditated clumsiness of the Bolshevik monetary system, the unthinking world has been made to believe still more strongly that gold is necessary, and this belief gives Jewish capitalism another hold on the Gentile world. If the Bolshevists had been honest, they could have dealt Jewish capitalism its death blow. No! Gold is still on the throne. Destroy the fiction that gold has value, and you leave the Jewish International Financiers sitting forlorn on heaps of useless metal. -Henry FORD : The International Jew

    Throughout the recital the Protocolist harks back to the old (our present) financial system, and some of his remarks are worth transcribing here:
    “You know that the gold standard destroyed the governments that accepted it, for it could not satisfy the demand for currency, especially as we removed as much gold as possible from circulation.” - Henry Ford

    Whatever the gold in the country, the wealth is still greater. There is more wealth in the United States than there is gold in the world. One year’s products of the farms of the United States exceeds in money value all the gold in the world. - Henry Ford

    Yet, under our present system, the burgeoning bulk of the country’s wealth must pass through the narrow neck of Money. And the Money must pass through the still narrower neck of Gold. And the controller of the Gold, under our present system, controls the world. There is more wealth than there is money; there is more money than there is gold; money exists at the pleasure of gold; wealth moves at the pleasure of money. Whoever sits at the neck of money, opening or closing as he will, controls the movement of the world’s wealth. And the world’s prosperity depends on the movement of that wealth. When wealth stands still and does not pass from hand to hand, the world’s circulation has stopped; the world becomes economically sick. -Henry Ford

    “The most damnable thing about it all is the dozen Jews who flit like magpies through the crowd. They are young, soft, well-groomed and prosperous. They carry canes, wear new straw hats, and resemble the kind you see in the States. They have nothing in common with the other people. They have money, plenty of it, and they seem to think this ship is a floating pedlar’s cart and tobacco store. They come up the gangway and wave British five-pound notes in the air, offering them for a carton of cigarettes. Or they have gold watches that they will trade for a few pounds of soap. From the looks that other people favor them with, I do not wonder that we hear about periodic slaughters of the Jews in Russia. These fellows look too prosperous in comparison with the rest of the population to suit me.” - an American traveller quoted in Henry Ford, The Itnernational Jew

    Another interesting Stock Market crash, likely artificially created by jews is the Dutch Tulip maria.

    Shortly therafter the Jews once banned from England by King Edward Longshanks (the alegedly evil guy from the Braveheart film) were asked to come “back” by the Lord Protector (murderer of the King that is) Cromwell

  8. Fanda says:

    The Chinese economy relies on selling cheap plastic junk to the west, so they will be kind of fucked, but they have been sourcing gold to back their currency with.

    I’m not a huge fan of the gold standard because gold is a) beautiful and b) useful and it’s a shame to keep it all in a bunker underground somewhere, but it is something real to peg your currency to, temporarily at least. The Chinese are definitely trying for this, whether they’ll succeed is another matter.

    How did the Dollar become the global reseve currency? The British sent (((Lord Balfour))) to negotiate with (((Lord Rothschild))) and Woodrow Wilson to get the US into WWI to bale out the Allies after the Eastern Front collapsed after the (((Russian Revolution))). Rothschild’s price was Palestine, Wilson’s was global reserve status. In the 1960s the French went and asked to change their dollars for gold, as promised on the notes themselves, but the Fed told them LOL GTFO you snail eating perverts! When the French left, the Fed realised they had a problem, why should other countries accept notes not backed by gold? So (((Kissinger))) was sent to OPEC to cut a deal, so that oil would be sold for dollars in exchange for military protection. Saddam Hussein was the first to realise that the US wasn’t fulfilling its sideof the bargain and tried to sell his oil for Euros, and got taken out at the third attempt. Gaddafi was trying to put together a gold-backed Dinar for the whole of Africa to sell its resources in, which would have been good for Africa, but bad for the (((Cabal))) which owns the Fed, and so Hilary was encharged with taking him out, which she made a right mess of, quite frankly.

    The only thing keeping the USD as the global reserve currency is fear of the US military, only this has been severely weakened by Obama policies and among the populace there is no more will left to keep fighting this endless Orwellian war.

  9. iAmBob says:

    Whether anyone likes it or not, the stock market is considered a bellwether of the economy. This isn’t good.

    Now, it’s not hard to see why kikes would want to do this. Trumpism is on the march and even doing victory laps. It’s logical to think that the kikes would want to wet their beaks a bit. But a year later, conveniently in time for the midterms, the stock market begins struggling.

    This is kosher from top to bottom.

    And yet, a more innocent explanation could be that the markets are reacting badly to all this memo shit going on. With this Monday drop, ultimately we’re talking about 21 days of activity getting wiped out. It’s not good that it happened but, we must admit, it’s not necessarily a harbinger of worse things to come.

    But don’t ever kid yourselves, fam, the kikes can crash the economy whenever they want. It’s not like they’ve never done it before.

  10. Elara says:

    The yids control Wall Street. They can dump shares whenever they want without any good reason. They are flexing their muscles to show Trump that they are still in control. Also it is to take away Trump’s achievements on reducing unemployment and raising wages. They are fucking terrorists, much worse than sand niggers. I wouldn’t be surprised if the media kikes got involved to divert attention from the FBI-Obama wire tapping fuck up.

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