Is Game of Thrones a Massive Psyop by the Jews?

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 7, 2017

(Season 7, Episode 4 Review)

I am convinced that Game of Thrones is a Jewish psyop to convince stupid SWPL Whites who watch the show to accept open borders and miscegenation. The show has been thoroughly Jewy from its very beginning with its rape scenes, gay sex scenes and overall message of “Jew or be Jewed.” I could go into more detail about GOT, but I’d rather just focus on what happened most recently on the show.

If you haven’t seen episode 4 of the new season (7) and you don’t want any spoilers, you should stop reading now.

Honestly, the entire episode is just one big feminism promo poster with Arya Stark dueling Brienne of fucking Tarth, Dany and the black chick talking about who dicked who, Cersei being the big bad boss-lady with the sleazy Bravos banker and finally with Dany attacking the Lannister army on the back of a dragon with a horde of Rapefugees at her back.

The incredible parallels that this show has with the current state of the world are unmissable. The main plotline has some empowered feminist dragon-riding white bitch inviting a horde of brown savages that she freed from ‘muh opreshion’ to ransack her homeland in Westeros.

I consider the dragons to be a metaphor for Jews at this point

Do you see the parallels yet? Do you think this is an accident? No, of course not. The fat old liberal who writes these god-awful books hasn’t even caught up to season 6 so HBO is just making it up as they go along!

Having never been a normie, I sometimes struggle to understand what makes them tick. As a result, I sometimes project my own feelings onto them, thinking that they must surely share my opinion on certain things. Over time, as I have gotten more and more red-pilled, the less and less I have been able to relate to the normie and by extension understand what he is feeling.

Luckily I don’t have to guess anymore. Everyone loves to film other people’s reactions nowadays, so I can just see for myself what they thought. So while I thought that any sane person would be cheering for the White men defending Westeros, I can see from this video that I clearly underestimated what the average shitlib normie thought.

Literally every time the episode cut to the Dothraki horde, these Soylent man-children cheered their little hearts out.

lol look at this precious lil faggot

Every time the dragons appeared and starting burning the white men, the bitches cheered. The only time they shut up was when the Dothraki guy got shot by a giant crossbow. Then they got all upset.

Just look at the disappointment on their fat faces.

The absolute worst scene was when the Rapefugee said this line:

And the audience starts laughing.

This is some Freudian shit going on here that you don’t need to be Freud to understand. At the very least, the cows in the front row seemed to empathize with the little dwarf who betrayed his family, and his people.

Yeah Tyrion, you don’ fucked up real good.

And the only guy at the bar who didn’t look like a bugman seemed to understand the tragedy of the scene.

Tyrion brought this disaster on the men of his own house. And really, it makes perfect sense that Westeros would fall to a combination of Feminism, Jewish flying lizards, and freaks like the eunuch and the dwarf and the other eunuch commanding Dany’s armies.

And when the winged thermonuclear lizard of peace finally took a hit from the crossbow, all the women started losing it.

The only man with a T-count in the room started applauding though, which was nice to see.

Lads, am I reading too much into this?

I really don’t think so. There are too many cohensidences at play here. If the show ends with Dany on the Iron Throne ruling over the lands of Westeros with her swarthy hordes, it will be the perfect conclusion to this feminist/jewish nightmare of a show.

And if I were you, I wouldn’t rule an ending like that out.

But don’t worry. It is just a show. Although it is intended to demoralize, and it will not reflect reality. The reality will be White men getting off their knees and taking back Westeros, destroying the international Jew and putting their women back in line very, very soon.

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