Is Christopher Mathias on a Revenge Mission Because a White Man Stole His Lips?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 16, 2018

Christopher Mathias is a blogger for the Huffington Post who publishes offensive anti-white material and loves the Jews.

He hunts white people and tries to destroy their lives for making hilarious jokes on the internet.

I was aware of the guy’s blogging because people always send me his articles like “LOOK AT THIS ANGLIN THIS GUY IS SHILLING FOR JEWS ON A WEBSITE,” and I’m like “whatever bro, you’ll have that.”

I had not, however, seen his face before. And when I did, I was blown back in my chair like that famous Maxell Cassette commercial.

Check it.

This poor, scared little twerp is absolutely lipless.

He’s got a lip factor of zero.

You’ll also note that he shakes and stutters like he’s had a stroke – has he had a stroke?

What the hell is going on with this bizarre individual?

Let us examine his various expressions.


Contemplative terror:

Abject terror:

Guilt-ridden terror:

Confused terror:

Silent terror:

Shocked terror:

Sputtering terror:

Sudden terror:

Surprised terror:

So what I’m wondering is this: is this strange, terrified, trembling little man on a revenge mission against white people because a white man stole his lips?

Maybe it was a racist white man – perhaps, it was Tom Metzger, who has been repeatedly accused of lip-theft by the Southern Poverty Jewish Law Center.

I wouldn’t put it past Terrible Tommy.

According to Mark Potok, you walk past this guy then the next to you look in the mirror it’s all “WHERE THE FUCK ARE MY LIPS???”

But For REAL

Honestly, after watching that video, I just feel sort of dirty and bad. This person is clearly sick, he acts like he was violently sexually abused as a child. He’s just so terrified, like he just wants to collapse in on himself. I have not ever seen someone like that on a video in my life, other than in Christian documentaries about homosexuals.

I remember some people that filled with fear from high school. I was never mean to such individuals. I don’t think anyone really was. Everyone just felt bad, but also felt so uncomfortable around them that they wouldn’t attempt to like, make friends with them. Because this is a sort of homosexual serial killer vibe we’ve got going on here.

The only person with this sort of lip situation I’ve seen is Odo from DS9.

I mean, objectively, whatever your politics, there is something severely wrong with this individual. Imagine meeting someone in real life who looks and talks like that.

Would you want to be around them?

He has a repulsive body as well.

We’re reaching doesn’t even lift levels that shouldn’t even be possible.

You would have to hate yourself if that was what you looked at in the mirror every day. This guy should take steroids. He could compensate for the loss of lips.

But understand: this is what anti-white white people look like: they are stricken with terror and they do not have lips.

This guy is not Jewish. But he is completely fixated with destroying white people. And you wonder about such persons.

But now you know. These people have very serious personal issues that they are taking out on others as a means of punishing themselves. He believes he is not worthy of existing – and I think that is probably fair enough, to be honest – and he uses that self-hatred to harm people who are members of his group.