Ireland Passes Law Allowing People to Choose Their Own Gender

Daily Slave
July 20, 2015


The only freedoms that are promoted in the West are ones which are of the degenerate variety.  Great freedoms such as the freedom to have man on man anal sex, abort children and choose your own gender are promoted everywhere as steps forward in human freedom.  It is totally ridiculous.  The promotion of true freedoms that allow man to fulfill their own destiny are demonized and ignored.

Now we see this trend continuing once again as Ireland has decided to pass a law allowing people to change their legal gender without providing any sort of justification.  This type of sickness needs to end.

The Guardian:

Transgender people in Ireland have won legal recognition of their status after a law was passed allowing them to change their legal gender with no medical or state intervention.

The majority of countries in Europe require transgender people to undergo surgery and sterilisation, or be diagnosed with a mental disorder and get divorced if they are married, in order to have their desired gender legally recognised.

The gender recognition bill, passed late on Wednesday and set to be signed into law by the end of July, makes Ireland only the third European country, after Denmark and Malta, to allow transgender people aged over 18 to change their legal gender without intervention.

The bill was passed months after the people of Ireland backed same-sex marriageby a landslide in a referendum that marked a dramatic social shift in a country that decriminalised homosexuality just two decades ago.

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