Irate Russian Bureaucrat Tackles Journalist Who Asked About His Shitty McMansion!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 28, 2019

The weak should fear the strong!

Daily Mirror:

This is the startling moment a pro-Vladimir Putin Russian official floored a TV journalist who quizzed him about alleged corruption.

Burly bureaucrat Sergei Zaitsev, 52, was angry over questions from Ivan Litomin about how he afforded his palatial newly-built mansion.

A naive and honest Millennial decides to point out that this leech has clearly stolen millions.

Being a complete idiot, he thought that he could attack the kid on camera and what? Get away with it?

The reporter quizzed him on whether money from a £61 million fund for rebuilding homes destroyed by wildfires in 2015 had been diverted to fund construction of his private home.

Zaitsev – sitting at his desk – demanded: “What the hell are you doing here?”


The journalist tried to give Ivan a pop quiz, but he got TACKLED instead.

I am torn.

On the one hand, I hate low-IQ, corrupt bureaucrats in whatever country they sit, sucking up all the wealth like fat, swollen ticks. But on the other hand, I also hate journalists.

So this is a “let them fight” moment if ever there was one.

Unable to understand how cameras work, Ivan lost his job and will probably go (back) to jail.

The Russian Investigative Committee has opened a case into preventing a journalist from doing his job.

If convicted he could face up to six years jail.

The committee will also probe the allegations about use of state funds for building his mansion.

These old Russian bureaucrats have no taste. They’re copying American McMansion mania and doing it poorly with these plastic pieces of junk that they’re building.

Another point: all of these articles trying to link Putin to this retarded bureaucrat are dishonest.

Putin dumped United Russia and ran as an independent in 2018.

But reading this article, you would think that this was a member of Putin’s corrupt party that built himself a shitty house with emergency funds for people who lost their houses to a wildfire (that he was put in jail for in the first place), when this was clearly not the case.

United Russia is corrupt and full of mean, nasty, pot-bellied USSR rejects that look like goblins.

Even though I don’t like journalists, this Millennial was indeed doing his job and asking hard questions to mean and nasty old people, like people in his profession should.

It will, however, be used against Putin by the same media, which is overwhelmingly liberal.

Such is life in Mother Russia.

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  1. I have a modicum of respect for the millennial journalist given he was actually serving the public interest here, for once. But it comes with great hesitating knowing that, as you say, it will probably get twisted for tenuous, yet nefarious political ends.

    I don’t know which architectural style is more ghastly, Soviet Brutalism or McMansions. I lean McMansions because at least some Soviet Brutalism had symmetry. McMansions are almost never symmetrical.

  2. Question to BBS bros from Eastern Europe / Russia: why the fuck do so many people in your countries use this cheap corrugated iron painted green, or red or blue as an excuse for a roof, instead of proper tiles ? This is horrid.

    Also, the most horrific McMansions of all are those built by heads of criminal Gypsy clans from the Balkans (check out the 2 following videos from Romania):

  3. Re: corruption of old bureaucrats in Russia. You can check out this very powerful movie by Andrey Zyagintsev (yeah, I know he came out as a Navalny supporter, but whatever).

    It’s about a local governor claiming eminent domain to expel some little guy who works as a car mechanic from his small beach-front house. It quickly becomes clear that the fat fuck just want to fraudulently build himself a Mc Mansion at this spot. The little guy (a drunk with a big mouth and a bad temper) calls a lawyer from Moscow to help him out and all hell breaks lose. Beautiful movie, tbqh.

  4. Because it does not break and last forever.

    Tiled roofs are called Spanish tile in English and are orginally from the warmer climates of Southern Europe and made to keep the house cool in the summer. They are SHIT in a cold climate (tin roof probably is too). I’m no lover of tiled (that break) roofs.

    Northern Europeans (not counting Romania here) copied them to look sophisticated like Club Med member centuries ago. For a cold climate a sod or thatch roof is best. Of course we have insulation these days so it does not matter.

  5. Sod and thatch roofs are good.
    So are wooden roofs. Or slate roofs (both also used in colder, mountainous climates).
    You are correct that tiles are mostly used in warmer Southern Europe (Spain, Southern France, Italy…)

    My issue with this colored tin is that it basically looks like plastic and makes your house look like a cheap, made in China toy house.

  6. I might have a modicum of respect for a “journalist” who dared to ask the same question of a jew or negro misusing public funds.

  7. No, in Northern Europe when the people lost their love of their native ways, they foolishly copied the ways of Southern Europe and put tile roofs on their houses which made them cold in the winter. This was centuries before insulation (so does not apply to today).

    I once went to a museum near Kiel and they had a thatched roof house. The guide was telling us that in the summer it was never over 15 centigrade and in the winter under 13. You only needed a fire for cooking not heat. Then we got retarded and trendy!

    It is like the red painted houses in Sweden. Do you know why they are red? Before the houses looked like the logs they were made of. But to be cool and trendy you should have a brick house like Club Med. So idiots painted their log cabins red (sticks out in nature) to look like it was brick.

    A tin roof is a million times better than retarded spanish tile.

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