IQ and Skin Tone

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 3, 2016

This is OC from r/altright/ (a pretty new, decent reddit, worth checking out – though they keep it semi-kosher after the Coontown/European/etc. Reddicaust).

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Very interesting.

And yes, East Asians are white in color (while not being Huwhite). It’s a porcelain-type white. They don’t blush. In fact, Huwhites aren’t even really “white” so much as they are a light-pinkish color.

Basically though, the concept is very simple: the lighter your skin tone, the colder the climate you evolved in and the colder the climate you evolved in, the higher levels of intelligence were required for survival. And that’s all evolution is: survival. They used to say “survival of the fittest,” but this term isn’t especially accurate. It is just “survival of those who survive long enough to breed.” Then as a general rule, it would be that the fittest for a certain environment survive.


The reason Whiteness is associated with cold climates, as you probably know, is that your skin needed to be able to produce more vitamin D with most of your body being covered in clothing most of the time. The mainstream establishment completely admits that this evolutionary process took place, but then they claim – completely absurdly – that our skin color was the only thing that changed about our biology. This is actually a metaphysical concept, a perversion of the Christian idea of “all men have souls” (Christianity was a religion which evolved without contact with less-evolved creatures).


It’s very, very funny to see people who believe skin color is the only thing that can ever be changed by evolution accusing people who disagree of being “stupid.” This Orwellian nonsense would have just been frustrating/sickening, but with the tides turning, it is solidly hilarious.

As such, the connection between skin tone and IQ is not at all confusing. More interestingly, perhaps, is the connection between skin tone and social trust and morality. Along with higher intelligence, colder climates required more social organization, and thus deeper and wider community bonds. With this, you get higher levels of empathy. Blacks have high levels of empathy for immediate family members, but most other people they will simply kill without thinking about it.

the human races

All of the other differences in our intrinsic behavior patterns can also be extrapolated from these evolutionary differences without having to be an evolutionary biologist.

For example:

  • Darker people have much higher sex drives and fertility rates, due to a much higher mortality rate. They also put less value on an individual life.
  • Darker people have a much lower happiness and self-esteem threshold, due to less complexity being required for survival. Being easily satisfied would lead to death in colder areas.
  • White people tend to be more neurotic, as they have much more complicated thinking processes which involve abstract thought and future-planning.
  • Darker people tend to be much more aggressive and more likely to resort to violence, given that this is how problems were typically solved in their environment. Our problem-solving was much more often related to talking through disagreements and compromising to get along with the community.

And on and on.

Perhaps people can think of more examples of evolutionary strategy resulting in racial differences and list them in the comments section.