Infowars on Synagogue Shooting: “Disgusting Anti-Semitism” is “Religiously Motivated Terrorism”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 28, 2018

Interestingly, homosexual British Infowars writer and YouTuber Paul Joseph Watson is not calling “false flag” on Saturday’s synagogue shooting. Instead, he is claiming that this “disgusting anti-Semitism” was “religiously motivated terrorism”  – this is a call for “thought crimes” charges to be added to the shooting charges.

Firstly, it is strange to see Infowars NOT calling anything a conspiracy. Paul Joseph Watson used to write articles and do 2-hour videos (now scrubbed) about the alleged “chemtrails” conspiracy.

Infowars used to talk constantly about a Freemasonic New World Order controlled by German Illumanti satanists.

But now, this Jew shooting is presented as real? Ten days before the election? When we are at the worst point for free speech in the history of the United States?

Because the only thing that is ever real on Infowars is stuff relating to Jews. Even while they were going full-on with Illuminati mason conspiracies, claiming that all of American history was faked and that the Founding Fathers were all satanists, they confirmed the truth of the Hitler Nazi six million Jew Holocaust.

Furthermore, Joseph Watson’s attempt to INCREASE the scale of the charges against the alleged shooter is complete lunacy. By claiming that anti-Semitism should be classified as a “religion” and this act labeled “terrorism,” he is calling for more than an expansion of definitions – he is calling for new laws to be created to prosecute the man beyond what existing laws allow, based on his personal opinions of the “disgusting” nature of anti-Semitism.

I am personally very angry about the attack. It has already resulted in Gab getting shut down.

Although I have been critical of some aspects of the way Gab was managed as a platform, it most certainly was a bastion of free speech online and surely having it shut down is objectively bad.

Furthermore, there are clearly going to be other ramifications for speech which we do not yet know the scope of. This is like a Jewish version of Christmas for the ADL.

That Jew group’s head is dancing around all over Twitter, talking about how all the goyim are getting shut down for ever.

So yes, I understand getting angry at the individual guy, who I personally believe was manipulated by feds into doing this shooting.

However, Joseph Watson’s call for new laws regulating “thought crime” – changing what the penalties are for a shooting based on what the person was allegedly thinking at the time – are utterly deranged and I was shawked to see him calling for it.

Right now, people all over the media are calling for a type of “pre-crime” system that monitors people’s social media posts to determine whether or not they are “likely to commit a crime” and then “knocking on their door” to investigate them.

What Watson is calling for – increasing charges based on political belief – fits right into this thoughtcrime paradigm.

An attack on people’s freedom of opinion and freedom of thought is always going to be used to harm a wider spectrum of people than it is initially claimed it will. No matter how disgusting Paul Joseph Watson believes anti-Semitism is, calling for political beliefs to be legally regulated – and yes, adding charges to crimes based on political beliefs is regulating those beliefs – those kinds of thought-crime laws he wants will eventually be used against people he agrees with.

We saw this exact same scenario unfold last year after Charlottesville. Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson refused to defend the Daily Stormer and the rest of the Alt-Right when we were censored off the internet. I quickly became the most censored man in all of history – and the Infowars team said nothing at all. Then, just a year later, the beast came around for them – the precedent of shutting me down was used to ban Alex and his team from almost as many things as I was banned from.

You would have thought they would have learned their lesson.

As for me, though I certainly would have preferred this shooting did not happen, I am going to attempt to mitigate the consequences of it to free speech as much as I can by fighting back against whatever new regulations they try to bring to the best of my ability.