Inexplicable Army Ad Campaign: UK Wants to Recruit Society’s Dregs Into Army

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 3, 2019

The British Army has always relied on dregs.

But this is something new entirely.

This ought to work, right?

It’s totally not a Boomer bureaucrat with seething resentment who cooked up this scheme, right?


The British Army has come under fire for its latest recruitment drive targeting young people with posters calling on “snowflakes, selfie addicts, class clowns, phone zombies, and me, me, millennials” to join the military.

The campaign is a bid to attract young people to join the UK forces by claiming the army is looking for special skills in order to convince young people that their snowflake attitudes, obsession with their phones, and passion for video games make them right for a career in combat. 

Yeah, but it’s a pretty insulting and mocking advertisement.

Check this brain-melting video ad companion to the weird posters, where a totally useless black woman who can’t even put grocery carts in a stack is able to become a warrior for international democracy.

This is your society on Boomers, folks.

Even when they need to sell you on working some crap job, they shoot themselves in the foot by allowing their blatant anti-Millennial hatred seep through.

Say what you will about Jews, but for a while, they were able to keep their hatred of White people under wraps.

These Boomers, however, will mock you to your face before trying to shove a shitty job under your nose and then reel back with righteous indignation when you refuse to play ball.

And I totally get some of that Boomer resentment, mind you. Millennials suck. They’re unmotivated, undisciplined and emotionally stunted. That being said, we can only point the finger at the generations that came before them and who continue to selfishly run the West into a ditch with their selfish behavior.

It’s hard to even put your bootstraps on in the morning let alone pull on them when you’ve been raised on Nihilism and Cheetos your whole life.

The recruitment drive is targeting 16 to 25-year-olds, also known as Generation Z (those born between 1995-2015), to join the army’s ranks. In the UK, 16-year-olds are allowed to join the army.

Between 2015-2016, more than a fifth of new recruits were under 18.

Oh wait, they’re expanding to target the Zoomers.


The question of import is who they’re recruiting for the Navy, the actual branch of the UK military that matters.

Even more so now that migrants are crossing the English Channel in boats.

The Navy needs to be in tip-top form and obviously, nominally uncucked to be able to fend off these migrants.

Otherwise, we’re going to see a Mediterranean-style problem emerge soon.