In Wake of Shooting, Israeli Jew Called for More Abortion

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 17, 2018

Following the Florida shooting, an Israeli Jew blue checker on Twitter called for more abortion.

I assume her response would be different now that it has come out that the shooter was a Jew.

Just for the record, Israel has basically the most restrictive abortion laws of any developed country on the planet (unless you consider Poland and Ireland “developed countries”).

Just like with everything else, Jews have very different standards for themselves than they have for us.

One would wonder now: in light of the revelation that the shooter is a Jew, would the above tweet be considered anti-Semitic?

In fact, I am wondering if any criticism of the shooter may now be considered anti-Semitic – or at least borderline. After all, we must assume that the only reason he did this is because his entire family was turned into furniture and cleaning products by Adolf Hitler.

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  1. …there…fixed.

  2. You know, the blue checkmark is like a yellow star and they´ve put in on themselves.

  3. Hrizvi says:

    Yes, of course, but a small caveat though. THE MASS MURDERER WAS A FUCKING KIKE!! So abort all Jews!!

  4. I am totally ok with the abortion of non-whites/mixed-race mongrels and disabled/ill children. Only the abortion of healthy white children should be forbidden in white countries.

  5. Jews have such important roles in enabling, promoting, and manning the abortion industry that they basically are the abortion industry.

    Of course what Jewish abortionists in non-Jewish countries are doing is murdering non-Jews by the millions.

    The Jews justify this by saying it’s for their victims’ own good. They say “every child should be a wanted child,” and things like that.

    This is entirely hypocritical. When you’re killing your ethnic enemies by the millions, it’s not for their own good.

  6. The word of the day kids:

    A vile, abject, coward, cowardly act.

  7. The logic doesn’t make sense.

    One adopted kid out of probably millions goes on a rampage, therefore abortion is good.

    How did she even come up with this line of reasoning?

  8. Vanir says:

    The more I think about her idea, aborting all Jewish babies, the more I find that it is a very good idea. Sure Rebecca, let’s abort all Jewish babies. Go girl.

  9. The insane arrogance and hubris of these evil kikes will be their undoing.

  10. Dan says:

    I have no problem with abortion…for jews.
    if they could invent a virus to make them sterile, all the better.

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