In Germany, The Government will Steal Your Dog and Sell It to Pay for Immigrants

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 2, 2019

Before Madam Merkel invited millions of Moslems to come to Germany and live on welfare, it was a rich country. Not the kind of country that would steal your dog and sell it on eBay because it is running that low on funds.

But Germany is now a very different country than it was a few years ago. It is not only a terrorist country and a gang-rape country, but also a country where the police kidnap your dog and sell it.


German treasury officials have seized a family’s beloved pug and auctioned it off on eBay to cover their debts – including an unpaid dog tax – but the dog’s new owner now claims she was sold a defective product.

Purebred pug Edda fetched just $850 on eBay after the city of Ahlen put her up for auction – and the policewoman who bought her is demanding the city pay for the medical procedures she requires.

Officer Michaela Jordan plans to sue the city, complaining that the one-year-old dog was advertised as healthy but in reality had a “massive eye injury” that has so far required four surgeries – costing over $2,000 to fix, with a fifth looming in the future.

A city worker had even reassured Jordan that the dog was healthy when she questioned the low price tag, explaining that the dog was a repo, Ahlener Tageblatt reports.

While Ahlen city spokesman Frank Merschhaus initially praised the canine foreclosure auction as a “pragmatic solution” to the family’s mounting debts, the sale is now under internal investigation because the enforcement officer involved used their private eBay account to auction Edda off – though the money reportedly made it to the Ahlen treasury.

The funniest thing is that the fat sow Merkel told the German people that flooding the country with millions of “people” with 75 IQs who are illiterate in their own language would be good for the economy.

This bitch literally said that they would take jobs in the high-tech sector and pay the pensions of old Germans.

And Germans believed it, because they will believe anything the government tells them – from “we need to round up all the Jews and put them in camps” to “we need to flood our country with illiterate gang-raping terrorists from the Middle East and West Asia.”

And then when they start stealing your dogs to sell to pay for the trillions of Euros that the new immigrants are costing the German state, Germans will go along with that.

Germany is literally the Journey’s “Any Way You Want It” of countries.

Germans literally sing that Journey song whenever their government tells them to do anything.

It’s a total fiasco.

Seriously – tricking dumb as dogshit women into working and not having kids is the obvious cause for the low birthrate, and the obvious solution to that problem is to stop doing that.

But it doesn’t even matter.

Half of current jobs in Western countries are going to be done by robots in the next 15 years. Even though it was stupid and insane to tell these women to work, it turns out it doesn’t even matter.

But this lunatic invited millions of terror-rapists to live on welfare anyway!

And the German people were like “oh yes, that is a very good idea our government leader has, oh yes indeed, very smart.”