Immigration to Israel Shot-Up in 2018

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 1, 2019

It’s good news.

All we want is these people out of our countries.

They can keep Israel. If they can fight all of those Moslems forever, then good on them.

Not my problem.


Immigration by Jews to Israel rose by 5 percent over the past year, with 29,600 people moving to the country in 2018, according to figures released on Sunday by the state immigration organization “Jewish Agency for Israel.”

More than 10,500 of the Jewish immigrants came from Russia, the agency said, an increase of some 45 percent over 2017. In contrast, immigration from Russia’s neighbor, Ukraine, went down by 9 percent to 6,500.

Argentina saw a spike of 17 percent more Jews relocating to Israel, though the number of immigrants coming from the country was far more modest at 330.

The number of immigrants coming from the US and Canada remained stable at 3,500, while immigration from France dropped 25 percent to 2,660 people. Just 660 came from the UK and 330 from Brazil, a drop of 4 percent in each case.

I was hoping to read that they were leaving the US, of course. Because that is my country and I want fewer Jews in it.

Funny they’re not leaving the Ukraine.

Must have been that Israel-backed coup making the country so much more comfortable for them.

It’s just nuts that the Holodomor was organized by Jews, but the Ukrainians blame Russia and then side with Jews against Russia because of that event.

This is like if someone breaks into your house and kills your family and you walk in with the bodies strewn everywhere and the guy covered in blood and holding a machete and he’s like “your neighbor did this, do you want me to help you kill him in revenge?”

Jews are really good at dirty tricks like that.