Imams will Now Spawn in Sweden

Greve Hans
Daily Stormer
May 24, 2016


Headmaster of Kista Folkhögskola Abdulkader ‘’Abongobanana’’ Habib

Lo and behold! The treasonous government of Sweden will now proceed to push Islamic “theology” in a taxpayer-funded institution.

The Local:

The one year course in Islamic theology and leadership will be provided by adult education centre Kista Folk High School (Kista Folkhögskola), situated in the north-west of the country’s capital.

The question over how Swedish imams [sic] should be educated has been debated previously. In 2008 the then education minister Lars Leijonborg made a proposal for state-run courses, arguing that they could serve as a way to counteract fundamentalist groups taking advantage of a lack of locally qualified imams.

You see? Imam shortage! Who will otherwise help to Halal slaughter cattle in a savage manners for Swedes to enjoy!? You see, this enriches us. How dare you question the goddess of equality?


The stupidity of the effeminate establishment knows no bounds. These pathetic mental gymnastics are bound to backfire so hard on them once the shit hits the fan.

Weak, pathetic and stupid. That’s what they are.

These people will not be a threat; they are sitting on a throne upon a house of cards that is bound to collapse as long as there are a few good Swedes left in Sweden with an inextinguishable fire in their hearts. And there are.

Classic Swedish video. Traitor Carl Bildt embarrassed as female politician wants to sing We Shall Overcome to calm down mob of foreign rabble.

“The need is great. Today, laymen lead most of the congregations in the country, so there is a necessity for people who are educated in Sweden who have both a Swedish perspective and knowledge of Islam,” he told Sveriges Radio.

The Swedish perspective is world famous. The “Swedish perspective” is to passively await the death of the Swedish people while verbally masturbating about how good they are. It is becoming more clear every day in Sweden that the Jew-backed Islamic invasion represents an existential threat to the Swedes.


Muslim culture. I’ve heard really disturbing stories from a couple of veterans.

Salahuddin “Petty Pig Mullah” Barakat stated that “it’s a step forward,” without a doubt rejoicing with a huge grin on his face as he looks outside towards the dark forest of commie-block houses, filled with invaders crawling like cockroaches in their rat-cage like “homes.”

petty pig mullah

It’s… *oink, oink* a step… *squeal* forward… *proceeds to burn down suburb*

Funnily enough, The Local tried to get a comment out of the school which sold itself out like Judas to The Pharisees. The disgusting, poor excuse of a school refused to even talk with the journalist, thus exposing them for the careerists, PC pigs and Moslem mutts they are. No doubt Shekelstein is laughing as the invaders are appeased by their current willful servants.

Thank god for the Nordic Resistance Movement proving that the Swedes are a proud and strong people who will not accept being put under the thumb of anyone.