I’m Gonna Go Out on a Limb Here and Guess It was a Black Guy

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 27, 2019

Honestly, I’m surprised they allow these “missing blonde girl” stories to become national news anymore.

Is the media really so full of shit that they believe their own bullshit and just assume it’s not a colored person this time?

It’s always a black guy.

The one exception is when it’s a Mexican.

CBS News:

Police searched a Salt Lake City house Wednesday night as part of the investigation into a missing University of Utah student. Mackenzie Lueck hasn’t been heard from since a Lyft driver dropped her off at a park outside the city last week.

Salt Lake City Assistant Police Chief Tim Doubt told reporters that police served a search warrant on the house after developing leads in the case. He didn’t provide details about what led authorities to the house in the city’s Fairpark neighborhood.

“Obviously we are treating this with a high degree of care and caution as it is an open case,” Doubt told reporters. “Given the nature of this case, we just don’t want to make any mistakes. We will continue to follow leads until this is resolved.”

Doubt wouldn’t say whether anyone who lives in the house was being questioned. “If they live here, of course they’re part of the investigation because we’re serving a search warrant on their house,” he said.

Lueck, 23, flew into Salt Lake City’s airport early on June 17 after attending a funeral in California. A Lyft driver dropped her off at a park in North Salt Lake at around 3 a.m., and the driver told police she got into another vehicle driven by an unknown person.

Police have asked the person driving the other vehicle to step forward. CBS News correspondent Jonathan Vigliotti reported that purported surveillance cameras at the park aren’t real and are there to deter crime.

It’s a shame.

The Mormons used to prevent this sort of thing.

The Mormon religion says that black people are cursed and the best that they can hope for is to be a good slave on earth so they can be a slave in Heaven. Which, in Mormonism, is an Orgy Planet. Every good Mormon gets their own planet after death where they just get to have orgies for all eternity – with only the best black slaves.

It’s astonishing that Mitt Romney was such a shitbag and will go to Mormon hell, where there are zero orgies other than probably gay ones.

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