Illinois to Secede? Red State Wants Nothing to Do with Chicago!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 22, 2019

I always envisioned it happening the other way around – that is, cities seceding from states and from countries to form their own city-states.

This is the total opposite happening.

The state is violently rejecting a city and trying to eject it from its body like a malignant cancer or a hairball or something.

Washington Post:

Brad Halbrook stood in front of a crowd of more than 1,600 people on March 10 in Effingham, Ill., roughly 200 miles south of Chicago. According to supporters who were there, the rallygoers went wild when Halbrook — a Republican state lawmaker — talked about his big idea: a resolution to separate Chicago and its 3 million residents from the state of Illinois.

If Halbrook and his supporters have their way, the 51st state would not be the District of Columbia or Puerto Rico. It will be the Windy City.

Halbrook, who represents a district east of Springfield, Ill., reintroduced a bill in February to create a new state around Chicago. According to Halbrook, there are eight co-sponsors, up from three when it was introduced last year. The bill has a long way to go; it needs at least 60 votes to pass the Illinois House of Representatives, to say nothing of the state Senate or the governor.

And yet the bill’s supporters are hopeful, pointing to a rising tide of frustration toward what they see as Chicago’s overstated influence in Illinois politics, namely around issues of gun rights, debt, immigration and abortion. After the 2018 election, Democrats now control the state Senate, House and governor’s office.

Yet the call for separation has picked up speed in part because of the work by grass-roots movements such as Illinois Separation and New Illinois to spread the movement to the county level in the past year.

“The movement is building,” Halbrook said.

One county has already decided to put the issue to a vote. Effingham County, in southern Illinois, will include the question on the 2020 ballot. 

The way things are set up currently makes absolutely no sense.

People who don’t live in cities have pretty much nothing in common with the people who do except for the mutual loathing that they both have for one another.

The main divide in this country is coastal vs heartland and urban vs rural.

Furthermore, the politics and people in the big cities are no longer American by any stretch of the imagination. Especially Chicago.

It’s insane that a half-abandoned decaying urban dump full of stranded pavement apes gets to dictate how things are going to be in Illinois – a rural and red state otherwise.

Besides, who lives in cities anymore, anyway?

Hipsters, Basketball-Americans, and all the different flavors of the Third World that the Jews have brought in and control with their Saruman-like powers.

And fun fact: cities are prime targets for nuclear weapons.

Personally, I want to live in a place that feels like it’s lifted from a Studio Ghibli film.

Imagine how nice New York State would be without New York.

Maryland without Baltimore. Texas without Dallas, Houston and Austin. California without… any of the cities. I could go on. America has become a nightmare shotgun marriage between fundamentally incompatible peoples with totally conflicting viewpoints, to say nothing of the teeming Third World tribes that now roam free and perform flash mobs with hammers from time to time.

We need a sensible divorce. Or at least several smaller divorces all over the country.

And then we can get serious about revitalizing our culture by getting rid of all the fences, burning down the soy farms and allowing White people to return to their nomadic roots by re-adopting a Scythian lifestyle.

Or you know, just cowboys.

Everyone gets/will be forced by the state to be a Cowboy again.

Now, that’s an America I want to live in.