ICE Transferring Invasive Bean-Rats to Federal Prisons!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 8, 2018

Now this is a legit deterrent.

A brilliant piece of statecraft.

Nobody wants to go rot in a prison cell while awaiting a court hearing… but there is nothing stopping Trump from having the right to do this.

All of this immigration stuff is about Trump trying to outwit the courts with are intent on flooding our country with as many brown people as possible.


U.S. authorities are transferring into federal prisons about 1,600 Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainees, officials told Reuters on Thursday, in the first large-scale use of federal prisons to hold detainees amid a Trump administration crackdown on people entering the country illegally.

An ICE spokeswoman told Reuters five federal prisons will temporarily take in detainees awaiting civil immigration court hearings, including potential asylum seekers, with one prison in Victorville, California, preparing to house 1,000 people.

President Donald Trump has made his hard-line stance on immigration an integral part of his presidency and has promised to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border to stem the flow of migrants. He has also promised to keep immigrants targeted for deportation locked up “pending the outcome of their removal proceedings.”

Under former President Barack Obama, many immigrants without serious criminal records were allowed to await their court dates while living in the United States. Others were housed in immigration detention facilities or local jails. ICE has used federal prisons in the past but not on this scale, sources said.

The new policy drew criticism from immigration advocates and former officials.

Kevin Landy, a former ICE assistant director responsible for the Office of Detention Policy and Planning under the Obama administration, said the move to house so many detainees at once in federal prisons was “highly unusual” and raises oversight concerns.

A large percent of ICE detainees have no criminal record and are more vulnerable in a prison setting – security staff and administrators at BOP facilities have spent their careers dealing with hardened criminals serving long sentences for serious felonies, and the procedures and staff training reflect that,” he said. “This sudden mass transfer could result in some serious problems.”

Serious problems for the invasive beanmen!

Not serious problems for anyone else!

And no one gives a shit about these beanmen anymore!

The “all you need is love” boomer philosophy of a social order is dead!

Now we smash our enemies!

The race consciousness is driving us to the jihad.

We will invade Mexico and install Richard Spencer on the throne of Mexico City!

He will sit atop the Chichen Itza and call for the blood of his enemies – the Mexicans!

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