I Remember the 1980s

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 7, 2019

I was born in 1984, so I only got to spend six years in the 1980s. But that was six glorious years.

I just want to take a minute to tell younger people what I remember of the 1980s, and how great they were.

In the 1980s, you didn’t have all of these electronic gizmos. The most you had was walkie-talkies. And if you were really in luck, your friend might come back from science camp with a tower for a ham radio. But mostly, you spent time with your friends, listening to music, going to the arcade, and making out with your girlfriend.

And girlfriends were great back in the 1980s. You see, before all these electronics, girls only had the options of the boys around them. So if you were slick, you could totally score girls completely out of what you call “your league” in the world electronic gizmos. And you could spend all day making out with her, just laughing and listening to Corey Heart and Journey – as long as her dad didn’t catch you!

If you worked as a lifeguard, you were on top of the world. Because everyone was at the pool – it was the number one hangout spot. And if you had that sweet, sweet lifeguard job, all you needed was to be in pretty trim shape, have good hair and a pair of Aviator sunglasses, and you could score any hot lonely older woman you wanted. All you had to do was give her a few compliments, and she’d be ready to meet you at the Motel 6.

In the 1980s, the police weren’t all a bunch of sick thugs. Maybe they could be harsh with you, but they were really just good-hearted folks. You might butt heads with them every once in a while, but they really just wanted what was best for the community. They weren’t going to ruin kids’ lives for acting like kids.

The movies were great, too. And if you had an older friend who worked at the ice cream shop at the mall, you could get him to help you sneak into the movie theater to catch the latest George Romero flick.

The economy wasn’t nearly as bad as it was now. Everyone had jobs. And a single mom could work at a general store, and be able to afford a nice house for her two kids.

If you were good at something like photography, you didn’t need a bunch of documents on a résumé to get hired. If you had the skills, the local paper would give you a job. And if they liked you, they might even hire your girlfriend. They might not take her too seriously because she’s a girl, but what serious person would take a girl seriously?

Nobody was fat in the 1980s. The fashion was all great. The music was fantastic. The furniture was great. The lamps were great. No fluorescent bulbs.

The only real threat was the Soviet Union. And maybe some annoying black kids at the mall. But otherwise, it was smooth sailing, all day, every day.

All in all, the 1980s in the Midwest were the greatest time and place for a person to be alive.

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  1. But mostly, you spent time with your friends, listening to music, going to the arcade, and making out with your girlfriend.

    I was born in 1984, so I only got to spend six years in the 1980s. But that was six glorious years .

    I have respected Anglin ever since I started reading the Stormer, but today my respect for him has reached a new height as I realized this man was spending all day making out with hot babes when he was six years old.

    What a fucking legend.

  2. I can confirm (I was born in 1979). The 1980s were the last great decade for white people, especially white men. The Jewish rot was there no doubt, but my elementary school memories of that time period were of a world full of promise…free of the gay and the tranny shit and nigs weren’t as serious a problem.

  3. The Eighties was great as a kid, you could play out on the street care free mostly. Even in major cities.

    The music was great and the demographics was too.

    Having said that I grew up in a area that had Multicult on its doorstep, and remember being red pilled from around the age of 5-6 due to packs of apes trying to rob my bike. Their favourite tactic was accusing you of saying Nigger as an excuse to rob you even though I didn’t know what that word meant at the time. Fancy learning the word nigger from niggers haha!

  4. LOL Someone just watched Stranger Things 3. That aside, my recollection of the 1980’s is pretty good, I had a Walkman and some sick acid wash jeans.

  5. We had the army which took 2 years and the border war. Very high inflation and interest rates, petrol rationing due to the war which was going on for over 10 years by then and sanctions. Even still it was a good time of genuine people, we didn’t need all that much and short of being on the border, it was much safer. Kids would play outside and in the parks. No one was fat and many decent girls were around. Gaming and entitlement and disrespect to authority and elders was unheard of. You went from school uniform with corporal punishment if you stepped out of line (and Dad would beat you again and harder), to a military or police uniform with another form of corporal punishment. And you ended up a man with a sense of self discipline, duty and obligation, with a sense of your purpose in life,

    There was no social media. You hung out with friends. Just groups of guys until they got girlfriends. When you got out of the army you started a career, studied and made plans to buy a house and start a family if your GF hadn’t cheated or dumped you while you were on the border. You didn’t expect all the stuff as entitlement as kids do now. You drove an old beat up car and shared a digs with other single okes so you could save for a deposit on a home. Now they want a new car, fancy clothes, computers and money to eat out and complain they can’t buy homes. Couldn’t then either if you didnt sacrifice. at 15%or more interest you had to scrimp and save,

    Faggotry was illegal, race mixing unheard of. Blacks were respectful to whites. All your neighbours were white. The only line you shouldn’t cross was to mix with white trash.

    Life had a purpose then and it was not ME ME ME and what i am owed. You put into your people and as a young white male you had obligations. They didn’t owe you, you owed them.

  6. But mostly, you spent time with your friends, listening to music, going to the arcade, and making out with your girlfriend.

    These things were great. Girlfriends were great and the arcades man I spent so much time at the arcades.

    In the 1980s, the police weren’t all a bunch of sick thugs. Maybe they could be harsh with you, but they were really just good-hearted folks.

    The cops were a force to be reckoned with in the 1980s. They were all men, they were all big, they didn’t shoot you but instead would beat the shit out of you. At the same time there weren’t security cameras, alarm systems, cellphone tracking and all the other electronic surveillance everywhere but if you were a criminal the cops knew who you were and made your life difficult.

    Nobody was fat in the 1980s. The fashion was all great. The music was fantastic.

    Can confirm very few fat people. Women’s hair was big and they wore wide belts and hoop earrings. My musical tastes were driven underground by Wham, Boy George, Prince etc. forcing me to discover The Misfits, Motorhead, Megadeth, Slayer, Dead Kennedy’s and a bunch of less well known metal and hardcore bands.

    I can’t think about the 1980s without smiling.

  7. Regarding the west:

    I recall going overseas for the first time as a young man just out of the army. I was shocked by Canada. At the time they were having anti-apartheid riots. I was shocked that they know nothing about it, it is not their country and they could get so emotional against their own race. Liberalism was every where already, but the people were almost all white then.

    In america I was struck by the number of fat people. Even then. You didn’t see many fat people in canada or europe.

    It was shocking to see the disrespect and people addressing teachers and professors by name, not Sir. IN SA, anyone 10 or more years older than you automatically got the respectful address of Oom or Tannie if informal, or Meneer or Sir if formal. I would never dare address them by name anymore than I would say hey Johan you big doos, how is it going? to the Sgt-Major.

    Already you could see race mixing which was like a punch to the stomach as I had never seen it in the open. One time a woman asked me to stay the night after a party. A bedroom opened and a little coloured kid came out. I asked whose kid is that. She said hers. I flew out that door.

    Eventually I saw enough of the west in the 1980s to want to get the fuck out and back to africa where there was more of a sense of whiteness and the obligations that go with it.

  8. Ah the 80s.
    May Day parades were still a thing.
    Margaret Thatcher was in power proving how disgusting women are at being leaders.
    Ronald Reagan had alzheimer’s.
    Inbred paki terrorists were not a thing.
    The only terrorists wore ski masks and combat gear and spoke with thick Northern Irish accents.
    We would play armies in the woods with bb guns and sail big polystyrene boards down the river.
    The only porn you ever came across was a screwed up Playboy under some bushes on a golf course.
    The police would give you a beating but more often than not we deserved it for being cheeky little twats.
    Niggers were not even a thing where I lived and the only pakis we saw ran the corner shop, lol we used to terrorise them with smoke bombs because their voices made us laugh when they got mad.
    Steven Speilberg had not done the blood libel anti-German film Shindlers Fist and still made half right movies.
    Music was breddy good.
    Thundercats and He Man were on the telly after school.

    Also we had Max Headroom.

  9. What a decade to be part of. I remember being able to go to malls with friends and not see a single nigger around as compared to today where malls are full of groids to the point you honestly think youre in a foreign country. 80s music blaring in the malls or on boom boxes. Arcades were hangouts where you would meet up with friends. Spend hours there trying to get your initials posted as top player on donkey kong or tron. You would ride your bikes there.
    Hell you would ride your bikes everywhere and not worry about locking them up outside. Riding around for hours in a pack of neon clad kids laughing and cutting up.

    I want my country back

  10. Man, this thread is like talking about all the best parts of a long dead, beloved relative. Everyone’s laughing and it feels warm, but inside your heart aches, and you could cry.

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