I Just Hope Trump Can Manage to Not Do Anything at All Before 2024

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 8, 2019

So at this point, it is really kind of impossible to imagine Donald Trump losing the election in 2020. The Democrats are just too completely insane, and their own base won’t let them be not insane.

Joe Biden can’t come out and say that it should be illegal to enter the country illegally without being mob-attacked by the wokest.

Of course, we’re still very early on, and anything could happen, but from this present vantage point, I just can’t really see anything happening to change the dynamics of this game. The Democrats have worked their base up into a lunatic frenzy. It was basically – apparently – an attempt to copy the Trump strategy of appealing to the hardest core members of the base and getting them all excited, but unlike the hardest core members of the GOP base – i.e., the Daily Stormer – the hardest core members of the Democrat base are literally insane.

Trump’s campaign promises to deport every illegal immigrant, to ban Moslems from the country and to lock-up Hillary Clinton didn’t necessarily appeal to all GOP voters, but they could at least be understood by everyone. Conversely, opening up the border completely and giving everyone free everything cannot be comprehended by non-radicals.

I don’t know who planned this strategy. It sure wasn’t poor Nancy Pelosi. It’s possible that no one in the party planned this strategy, and it was simply foisted upon them by irate journalists. Who knows. But “free abortions for trannies” is now a defining value of their party, whether they like it or not.

It is clear that Donald Trump isn’t going to do anything good. Even in my wildest dreams, I don’t imagine that. So the hope is simply that if the obvious thing happens and he wins in 2020, he simply manages to not do anything bad.

I think it’s obvious he doesn’t want to do any of these wars, and he’s simply been bullied into having these lunatics like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo in his administration. So maybe – just maybe – it is possible that he won’t start a war with Iran.

And just maybe he can hold down the fort by not doing anything insane until 2024, and Tucker Carlson can run and win.

This is something that is not impossible. There is a nonzero chance of this happening.

And if Tucker won, maybe – just maybe – he could bring us back from the brink.

This is of course the absolute best case scenario.

The Democrats are going to have the same problems in 2024 that they will have in 2020. They have zero ability at this point to become less insane, so their entire strategy hinges on demographic change. No one really knows what the demographics will look like in 2024. They’re going to be very bad. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for us to win. Because we’re going to be at the point where virtually no white person will be able to vote Democrat, as by then they are just going to be openly calling for white people to be destroyed.

So, who knows.

I don’t know.

But I do know that there is a scenario that doesn’t end in the complete and permanent destruction of America.

Trump needs to just tweet, just keep any wars from happening, stay cool, and ride this out.

Tucker will clean up his mess if it is possible to clean this mess up.

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  1. It will take some billionaire to stand as a 3rd party/independent candidate to attempt to split the GOP and Democrat vote.

    Remember when Ross Perot stood in the 1992 US presidential election?

    That’s my prediction.

  2. an attempt to copy the Trump strategy of appealing to the hardest core members of the base and getting them all excited, but unlike the hardest core members of the GOP base – i.e., the Daily Stormer – the hardest core members of the Democrat base are literally insane.

    Trumps’s bases is also almost entirely White. The Dem base is niggers, faggots, moslems, beaners, jews and all the rest of the mud coalition. Each of those groups vote Dem to get gibs for their particular group. These groups are at odds with each other. Politics is in fact as zero-sum game, the muds understand that as instinctively as dogs fighting over a bone.

    I think it’s obvious he doesn’t want to do any of these wars

    He’s already had at least 3 opportunities to start a war. All he’s done is a telegraphed strike on some old fighter/bombers in Syria. If he wanted war we’d be in it already. I am thankful for that, so far at least.

  3. We need to meme the left into a “Share With A Refugee” Program, every American household, whether a single person living alone or a Multi-generational family, takes in a quanity of Refugees equal to the orginal household size, gives them shelter, food and clothing and pays all their medical care. The pentultimate way to proudly show your virtue and high-level wokeness. A way to become one of the truly elite woke, hipper, cooler, smarter and more stylish than any run-of-the-mill standard antifa-level wokeness.

    The slogan we’ll push: “Be All You Can Be, With a Chance to Win a Date With AOC!”.

  4. No way, fella. It’s Ann Coulter. We are snatching that first female president up before Dems can claim it, just to piss them off. Tucker is VP, possibly propaganda minister. Or he can just stay on Fox News. Ann Coulter can be president and still do most of what she currently does – so basically do what Trump does except not suck at it, and be somehow attractive at 57. Damn, I didn’t realize how old she is. That sucks, now she can’t have kids. How can you be so good-looking, have views so agreeable to men, and still not have kids?

    Is Ann Coulter a tranny?

  5. The only thing that unites the Dem “coalition” is hating all sane, white, normal people.

  6. The same back up plan Trump’s ignored base has. Lower all expectations. That’s the plan.

  7. Remember all that joy and optimism we felt just 4 years (I can’t believe it’s been pretty much 4 years, that went by fast) ago?
    Good times.

  8. She’s a heavy smoker. Also, she’s very needy on an emotional level.

    Compounding the problem is that she’s obviously very intelligent and lives in a certain type of media environment, both of which make it difficult to meet people who are her match. Try finding an intelligent, well-educated, media-savvy conservative in Manhattan. Let me know how it goes.

    In the end, she’s proof that it’s best for women to marry while they’re young rather than “build a career first”. For someone who eschews a feminist identity, she’s sure living the dark side of feminism.

  9. Four more years of Trump? Well, of course, there’s always the ongoing risk that his pro-Israel handlers talk him into war with Iran.

    But far worse, what happens if the Orange Man dies in office? Or gets impeached?

    Then we get Mike Pence, a genuine Christian Zionist whack job, as POTUS.

  10. Jewish man with his dick between his legs dancing to nigger music while wearing a skin suit made out of MUH CONSTITUTION

    Modern ‘America’ is literally Buffalo fucking Bill from Silence of the Lambs.

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