I Feel Bad for Breitbart. They Can Never Join #YangGang.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 11, 2019

Breitbart is being completely honest about the collapse of the Trump Administration.

The site was formerly run by Steve Bannon, who went on to be a top White House official in the early days when we were still planning to build a wall and MAGA and so on. It played a key role in getting Trump to win the primaries when Fox News was shilling #NeverTrump.

Unfortunately, Trump will never know just how badly they’re slamming him. Because he doesn’t know how to use the internet.

This just in.


Foreign workers have now outpaced American workers in terms of job growth for at least half a year, new Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data reveals.

In February 2018, foreign-born workers continued to make job growth gains over native-born American workers. Foreign-born workers, for example, saw more than three times as much job growth as native-born Americans last month.

And while native-born Americans did not increase their labor participation rate at all year-to-year, foreign-born workers saw a 1.22 percent increase in their labor participation rate. Likewise, the number of foreign-born workers in the civilian labor force increased more than five times the number of new native-born American workers who are now in the labor force.

The latest BLS data reveals a half-year trend where foreign-born workers have continuously enjoyed substantially higher levels of job growth over native-born Americans. Since at least September 2018, foreign-born workers have outpaced native-born Americans in job growth, sometimes seeing four times or more the job growth that Americans are experiencing in the economy.

In January 2019, for instance, foreign-born workers had four times the job growth and four times the civilian labor force growth of native-born American workers.

The American-born unemployment rate is allegedly down, but who even knows if that’s true. All of these unemployment numbers are a hoax and no one has any real data on any of it.

Whatever the case, Trump is helping immigrants a lot more than he is helping Americans. And now he is talking about bringing in a whole new load of “more immigrants than ever before in history.”

Almost all of the comments are critical of Trump.

I read a lot of the comments.

The few people trying to shill for the new Bezos/Cook/Trump alliance are talking about how millennials are all socialists and don’t have any bootstraps so they can’t compete with the bootstrap masters of the third world. They’re getting blown the fuck out by normal people saying that the ENTIRE PROMISE OF THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION WAS THAT WE WOULDN’T HAVE TO COMPETE WITH THIRD WORLD IMMIGRANTS FOR WORK BECAUSE IT DESTROYS WAGES WHEN YOU’RE PITTED AGAINST PEOPLE WHO GREW UP IN AN ALUMINUM HUT SURROUNDED BY PLASTIC BAGS.

And of course, the subtext to any discussion about the economics of mass third world immigration is that we simply do not want these people in our country. Breitbart boomers are too cucked-out to say it, but they’re all feeling it. No one likes being surrounded by a bunch of strangers coming in to take what is there’s, even if they’re the most anti-racist boomer cuckold you can imagine.

Breitbart might only have 20% of the traffic of Fox News, but that’s 10 times what Daily Stormer has.

And Breitbart has always been the Deathstar of the core Trump base.

So again: we are left with the fact that Trump’s support is self-evidently collapsing, as he continues to move forward with an agenda that everyone hates.

Sadly, Breitbart’s audience is boomers, so what can they do?

They can’t join the Yang Gang like the rest of us.

Instead, they have to… just talk about how horrible everything is, with no direction to move in at all.

Which means that their entire audience is in a place where they aren’t going to want to vote for Trump, except to vote against AOC’s socialism, Omar’s anti-Semitism and Ralph Northam’s post-birth abortion.

Certainly, a lot of them will turn out to vote against that stuff, but when your only positions are against things, many fewer people are going to bother voting at all.

I wish that I was here thinking “it’s good, Breitbart is putting pressure on Trump…”

But I’m not thinking that.

There is just no evidence that he’s ever responded to anything on the internet, and every single report on the issue is that he doesn’t know how to use the internet.

So Jared says “yeah Donald, I checked the internet, and everyone is really excited about your plans to expand American businesses by bringing in more immigrants than ever before.”

I think he’s worked out a deal with his kinsmen that when Trump loses in 2020 and goes to prison, all the wealth will be transferred to Ivanka, i.e., him.

Jared’s mission was to make sure Trump did everything he could for Israel.

And it’s all already done.

Trump has:

  • Moved the embassy to Jerusalem
  • Killed the Iran deal
  • Cut off all US relations with Palestine
  • Defunded Palestinian aid programs at the UN
  • Sent Israel $38 billion
  • Did a $115 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia
  • Systematically antagonized Russia

So what is there left to do?

American Jews want the US flooded with even more immigrants than Trump’s “more than ever before” plan and Israeli Jews want to restart the war in Syria.

A Democrat will do both of those things better than Trump.

The Grimora Wordtongue analogy simply could not be more apt.

This is exactly what Jared Kushner is.