Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 14, 2018

Oh my gawd I am so sick of hearing about these dumb retards and their stupid weather problems.

The whole news cycle is filled with “UPDATE: THIS STORM IS MORE OR LESS STORMIER THAN AN HOUR AGO!!!!11111”

NBC News:

Hurricane Florence made landfall early Friday on North Carolina’s coast, bringing extreme winds and threatening massive storm surges as officials reported dozens of water rescues overnight.

The eye of the storm passed over the coast near Wrightsville Beach, northeast of Wilmington, at 7:15 a.m. ET, the National Hurricane Center said.

The Category 1 storm was downgraded late Thursday, but continued to carry maximum sustained winds of 90 mph and crawled along at just 6 mph. Forecasters warned of “catastrophic” freshwater flooding along the Carolinas and the potential for up to 40 inches of rain in some parts.

More than 485,000 customers were without power Friday morning, according to emergency management officials, as social media users shared videos of snapped trees and water rushing onto coastal streets like rivers.

How many days has this been going on? Seven?

I don’t care. You know I haven’t been covering it here. Because this is not real news. It is filler bullshit non-news. Hurricanes happen every year.

Anyone who hears about a storm evacuation weeks in advance and isn’t either:

  1. Evacuated already
  2. Set with a serious business plan of how to survive it

deserves to die.

Straight up.

As also deserves death anyone who needs help from a dog.

I like dogs, I like friendly dogs, but if you get rescued by a dog you are not a real man. Just as if you get murdered by a dog. A dog must be subordinate to man in that he is not capable of besting us.

Also deserveth death any man who needs this advice the President just retweeted:

He retweeted a bunch of other hurricane related stuff this morning too.

I’m glad he did it. It shows him as a father-figure type leader, and that’s what we all want and need for this country. A gigantic man who behaves as though he is everyone’s second dad.

But man, I’ll tell ya what.

I am real sick of stormy news.

And I’m not even an anti-natural disaster news guy. I like volcanos and earthquakes.

But hurricanes it’s like, you know every season this is going to happen. There is no real excitement there.

Unless you’re the Puerto Ricans – then you can get excited about hoaxing a death toll to get more free shit from white people.

Niggas be gettin wet tho. Fo sho.

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