‘Hurricane Harvey Don Land for Texas’

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 30, 2017

BBC has launched a pidgin service and I use it exclusively to get my news.

BBC Pidgin:

Hurricane Harvey na the biggest storm wey don land for United States for 13 years and im don bring plenty heavy wind with am.

Experts for weather mata worry say the kain flooding wey go happen go dey very serious, even as dem don reduce im grade from category four to one.

The fear be say some people fit don trap inside buildings wey collapse for some areas.

US President, Donald Trump, wey don already release money to help with emergency, say the people wey dey do rescue dey do well. Him enter Twitter, wia him like to dey share him mind, to say him dey chook eye for wetin dey happen for Texas.

Great, now I know that Hurricane Harvey is the biggest storm in 13 years. And something about flooding. See, I don’t fully understand it, but that’s ok, because now I know how nogs feel when they hear proper English.

More news. “Houston Flood: Double wahala as dam burst.

That’s also a real headline. Don’t know what it means except what I can infer about a dam and a flood. I guess dem Afrikanz got dem smarts dat whitey cannae unnuhstan’ yeh?

And I think its safe to say that the BBC has just taken the lead in the virtue-signaling olympics. This…pidgin service is something else.

It’s like something out of Blood Diamond.

But I think it is a bold move that will save lives. The American government needs to take a page out of the BBC’s book and start offering “NogSpeak” services on CNN and Fox News. People will die if they don’t. Just look at all those poor negros stuck in Houston. They clearly didn’t evacuate because they didn’t understand all the White man’s flood warnings.

Surely, if they had CNN bastardize the English language on their behalf, then the entire population of semi-literate ~85 IQ nogs would have known to evacuate and not loot the city.

Now that’s some smart thinking.

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  1. If NY times or Wash post starts writing in ebonics , I think it might actually cause a chimpout!

  2. Lord help us, we have gone to hell without having died.

    Fucking ebonics. As news. And it’s not a parody.
    Some limey fuck (lol who are we kidding they’re probably brown) across the pond is legit getting paid to write illiterate shit for illiterate fucks and I’m over here busting my balls for 10 hours a day. All the while my primary source of news and communications with like minded individuals struggles to exist.
    Fuck this whole God damned planet.

  3. Hister says:

    The funniest thing about all this is the BBC thinks these people are reading the news – or can read at all.

  4. UnCL3 says:


  5. What’s with the onion links? No .al?

  6. Thase the Jewish Blood Diamond and done yey be loosine dat memoire now yey nawty whyte boi

  7. I like BBC Pidgin. Since it started I’ve been checking it every morning.

    It’s like an online minstrel show. Every article is unintentionally funny. The articles about stuff happening in Africa are funniest of all.

    I bet most of their pageviews are from people outside of Africa just reading it for laughs.

  8. Maybe apple can make an app for
    Only nigger music so that monkey songs aren’t oppressed. They could
    Call it iboons.

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