Hungary: Orban Finally Talks About Abolishing the EU

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 7, 2019

I always held the position that Orban is a shill for the EU, because he’s talked about reforming it, which is impossible given that the entire concept of the EU is globalism.

And even while he’s doing good things, he’s allowing for the further integration of Hungary into the EU, which will eventually mean that he can’t do anymore good things, because all of the laws of Hungary will be dictated by Brussels.

Finally, he is suggesting that the EU might break apart.


Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said that a breakup of the European Union cannot be ruled out if one part of the bloc tries to impose pro-immigration policies on another.

Quoted on the Hungarian government’s website, Orban said he could see a danger of fragmentation within the European Union.

“If we are left alone and they do not force islamisation on us, Europe can continue to live as the club of free nations,” Orban said, but added that if Brussels forces Hungary “to accept the UN migration pact or the European Commission’s decisions so as to make us fit their own Western concessive policies, a breakup [of the EU] cannot be ruled out.”

On Wednesday, Orban welcomed recent suggestions by French President Emmanuel Macron about needed reform of the EU and said it could be the “start of a serious debate” about the future of Europe.

Yeah, dude.

I don’t think Macron meant “stop the Moslems.”

Furthermore, even talking about the possibilty of reform is a shill position.

But at least he is suggesting it could be broken up.

Hungary would lose a shitton of bribe money, but I don’t think the people would care all that much if it meant not turning Moslem and teaching kindergartners how to have gay anal sex.

Russia will be friends with you. And not force you to become Moslem or make your kids trannies. But they’re not going to ship in free money by the boatload.