Human-Monkey Crossbreeds? Sounds Like a Good Idea to Me!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 3, 2019

What the hell is going on?

How is this legal?

Ah, but of course it’s legal. Do what thou wilt, and all that.

Everything is allowed under the law, and so on.

At the Jewish Salk institute.


Scientists have successfully created the world’s first human-monkey embryo, paving the way towards using animals for human organ transplants. The experiment was conducted in China to avoid legal issues.

Researchers from the Salk Institute in the US and the Murcia Catholic University (UCAM) in Spain genetically modified monkey embryos to deactivate specific genes used in the formation of organs. The group then injected human stem cells into the embryo. If left to its own devices, the embryo would have grown into a monkey with human cells. However, in keeping with ethical standards, the scientists stopped the process long before the embryo was able to develop a central nervous system. Still, the team had to travel to China to conduct the procedure, as it was in violation of Spanish law.

Estrella Núñez, who collaborated on the project, told El Pais that “the results are very promising,” stating that the experiment was a necessary first step towards developing human organs in animals that could be used in transplants.

The team of scientists, led by Juan Carlos Izpisúa, carried out a similar experiment in 2017 using human and pig chimeras. However, the human cells failed to take hold in the pig embryo. The group successfully created hybrid chimeras between two closely related species, the rat and the mouse.

Look, we already have human-monkey hybrids.

They’re called black people.

We do not need to redo that mistake, friends.

Just imagine that eugenics is called a “discredited pseudoscience” by the same people who are gene-splicing humans together with monkeys.

Oh and by the way, there is zero chance this is the first time this has been done.

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  1. I think they’re doing human-rat hybrids, as well. Again, we already have those, too.

  2. The Jew is not only a Parasite of the first order…
    But I’m beginning to toss around the theory that everyone who is in proximity with Jews on a long enough time-line becomes parasitic too, and in this and many other cases the parasitism is just covered under the guise of disgenic “science” in order to further obliterate what’s left of mankind (otherwise known as humans who hate Jews)…

  3. Just imagine that eugenics is called a “discredited pseudoscience” by the same people who are gene-splicing humans together with monkeys.

    So true. Wanting healthy and strong descendants is pseudo-science and immoral, but creating chimaeras out of humans, monkeys and rats is somehow superior and progressive. Sick.

  4. The team of scientists, led by Juan Carlos Izpisúa, carried out a similar experiment in 2017 using human and pig chimeras.

  5. NYTimes:

    In the mid-1920’s, the culture wars were dominated – as they are today with “intelligent design” – by the debate between creationism and evolutionary thinking. In 1925, John T. Scopes had been found guilty of teaching that mankind arose from something other than divine creation. But the United States was not the only country passionate about the issue. The young Soviet Union, in its effort to stamp out religion, was determined to prove that men were descended from apes. In 1926, a Soviet scientist named Ilya Ivanov decided the most compelling way to do this would be to breed a humanzee: a human-chimpanzee hybrid.

    Ivanov set off for a French research station in West Africa. There he inseminated three female chimpanzees with human sperm. Not his own, for he shared the colonial-era belief that the local people were more closely related to apes than he was. He stayed long enough to learn that his experiment had failed.

    Next Ivanov wrote a Cuban heiress, Rosalia Abreu. Abreu was the first person to breed chimps in captivity and had a large menagerie outside Havana. Ivanov asked if any of her male chimpanzees might be available to inseminate a Russian volunteer known to posterity only as 'G."

    At first Abreu was agreeable. But Ivanov made the mistake of approaching Charles Smith of the American Association for the Advancement of Atheism for fund-raising support. Smith was something of a showman – he liked to appear in public with a chimpanzee dressed in a business suit – and went to the newspapers with Ivanov’s proposal. The New York Times thundered, “Soviet Backs Plan to Test Evolution.”

    The resulting publicity brought the case to the attention of the Ku Klux Klan, which threatened Abreu with retaliation if she took part in Ivanov’s experiment, calling it “abominable to the creator.” Abreu withdrew her consent.

    Before Ivanov could find another chimpanzee breeder, he fell out of favor in one of Stalin’s purges and was exiled to Kazakhstan in 1931. He died a year later, in March 1932, waiting for a train home to Moscow.

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