HuffPo are the Real Racists: Black Science Master Suffers Racist Attack for Drowning Racoons

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 30, 2018

HuffPo and other liberal racists love to pretend they love “the niggers” until they turn into Kanye and start endorsing Trump.

Or they start drowning raccoons.

Huffington Post:

A high school teacher in Ocala, Florida, who was caught on camera getting his students to help him drown raccoons and an opossum will face no criminal charges for the incident.

The state attorney’s office announced its decision Friday, The Ocala-Star Banner reported. In a letter explaining the decision, Assistant State Attorney Toby Hunt wrote that now-retired agricultural science teacher Dewie Brewton “did not intend to torture or torment” the animals.

Brewton sparked widespread backlash earlier this month after a video surfaced of him and a group of students at Forest High School putting a raccoon inside a metal trap into a garbage bin and filling the bin with water. The student who shot the video came home crying about the experience, his mother told local media at the time. The mother said that Brewton and the students had metal rods they used to hold the animals down when they attempted to come up for air.

The following local newscast, which contains some footage from the incident, may be disturbing to some viewers.

The teacher and students believed that raccoons were responsible for the deaths of multiple chickens being raised behind the school.

The school placed Brewton on administrative leave, and Superintendent Heidi Maier called for him to be fired. Instead, Brewton, who taught at the school for 31 years, announced his retirement on May 17.

It’s legal in Florida to kill “nuisance” wildlife, but the law specifies that the killing must be done in a “humane” way. Florida law states that “humane” is defined by the standards of the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians or the American Veterinary Medical Association. The AVMA, as the Star-Banner notes, explicitly says that drowning is an “unacceptable” form of euthanasia.

It isn’t just HuffPo either – the entire Jewish/kike media has been crying trashcans of tears for these raccoons that were justly trashcanned by this black scientist.

You’d think he’d been drowning Jewish infants in buckets, the way the media has reacted.

They’re all using Auschwitz-like pictures of coons in their articles:

Forced the poor scientific bastard to resign, they did.

It’s the same old story.

“The niggers” are are just cute little pets for REAL RACIST liberals – until they start doing something useful like teaching classes about how to drown raccoons.

My high school science teacher was a bearded old man with glasses, whom I now suspect was a communist. He never taught me how to drown a raccoon.

Instead he just ranted about class war and was probably trying to incite riots at the school using Trotskyite methods.

If Drowning is Inhumane…

You are generally allowed to shoot nuisance animals. At least that was the case when I was growing up. And I can see how that is more “humane” than drowning. Assuming you deliver a killshot.

But now so many places have banned guns. Clearly, guns are not allowed on school property these days.

So what then?

Are you supposed to beat the coon with a baseball bat? And get blood everywhere?

Imagine if this black scientist had brought these coons out and beaten their skulls in with a Louisville Slugger in front of the school children, getting blood all over them.

What was this “nigger” supposed to do?

Go up on the roof of the school and throw the coons off, into the parking lot?

That would be funny, but you’ve got the chance that the coon would only break its spine in such a situation and lay their writhing on the ground for hours until it finally bleeds out. You’ve also got disease-ridden coon blood all over the parking lot.

The American Veterinary Medical Association’s Guidebook suggests focused beam microwave irradiation.

You want to talk about white privilege – wow.

Do you think this black man just has a microwave radiation beam laying around? 

Where was this “nigger” supposed to purchase such a weapon, HuffPo?

The pawn shop down the road?

Give me a break.

This is nothing but a racist witch hunt against a black scientist who got out of line.

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