How to Outsell a AAA Game: No Nogs, Faggots or Super-Skanks

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 15, 2018

As predicted, the historically accurate game Kingdom Come: Deliverance is selling like a sonovabitch.

The creators of the KCD, an open-world RPG that takes place in Medieval Europe, consulted historians and made the world of the game as accurate as possible. This means that there are no niggers, no “empowered women,” no faggots – none of the stuff that Bethesda, Activision and Ubisoft have been trying to shove down the throats of gamers for the last decade.

In fact, there is no left-wing narrative at all. No attempt to teach the player a lesson about accepting faggots or immigrants. It is just a game about the experience of Medieval Europe.

The game was developed by the Czech company Warhorse Studios and largely funded through a Kickstarter campaign.

The total cost of the game was only $5,000,000.

The anti-white hate game Wolfenstein 2 had a budget of 10-20 times that, and Kingdom Come is set to outsell them by more than 10-20 times.

Being widely accused of “racism” for refusing to rewrite history and put a bunch of black people and empowered women in this game was the biggest part of their advertising campaign. People will now buy things specifically because they are attacked by the mainstream Jewish media industrial complex.

It is a fantastic thing that in the video game realm, we are still able to have our own culture. At least we have Witcher and this, with more on the way. In the film realm, we have nothing, save Blade Runner 2049.

But the Jews who control the culture and pushing everyone who doesn’t like being force-fed political propaganda into the camp of the Alt-Right, where we are creating our own culture.

The ramping-up of the brainwashing in the entertainment media is an extreme gamble by the Jews, who are betting they can fully alienate anyone who doesn’t want to believe in Wakanda, while also crushing our rising counter-culture through widespread censorship.

The cultural battle is the battle that matters most to me. That is how the Jews won, remember. In the 1960s, they conquered the culture and went on to conquer the rest of the society.

This is a battle that we can win. And it is where the energy needs to be focused. All of it.

These people talking about fighting in the streets in order to “control the streets” are playing a kiddie game. Right now, any real life activism that the Alt-Right is engaged in needs to be focused on shaping our culture, and bringing people into that culture. That means it needs to primarily, first and foremost, speak directly to the common man – the young and disenfranchised white male.

That means no going out there dressed up in costumes like assholes and getting shouted down by Antifa. Real life activism should be in keeping with the gains we’ve already made online, cultural gains, which have been based around the idea of being rebellious and cool, while sticking up for the interests of young white men, providing them with an identity.

This summer is going to be a big summer. We are going big with the Stormer Book Clubs. We are going to push ourselves into the mainstream, to become accepted as a valid part of the American social order.

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