How Much Longer Can Alex Jones Ignore Owen Benjamin?

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
March 30, 2019

Owen Benjamin went ahead and dispelled the squat, sweaty, snake-oil salesman’s “Chinese are taking over Hollywood” meme and he did it with finesse, proving once again that humor is the goy’s greatest weapon.

Again, a reminder: Alex Jones is not funny. People laugh at Alex Jones because he is the joke.

People laugh with Owen because he’s talented and doesn’t afraid of anybody.

So far, Alex Jones has not addressed the Owen Benjamin situation, because it will necessarily involve talking about the Jews and why he refuses to entertain any discussion on them.

He (quite rightly) doesn’t think that he can pick this fight and win.

The last time that InfoWars tried to run cover for Globoshlomo, they sent in Owen Shroyer who got totally BTFO’d by this one based autist with a YouTube channel.

To be fair, Owen Shroyer was very even-handed and there really wasn’t anything he could do.

He let Adam Green state all of his anti-Jew talking points without any interruptions and didn’t even argue the points. It was as if he secretly agreed with Adam, but couldn’t admit it, so he just let his guest do all the talking as he maintained plausible deniability. Fascinating to watch. Can’t help but feel that Owen knows more than he lets on. He was conciliatory and apologetic during the entire interview.

Anyways, it seems that something big is happening behind the scenes at InfoWars.

Paul Joseph Watson has left and I wouldn’t be surprised to see others start leaving as well. If Owen Benjamin is right and Alex Jones is a drunken mess who is spinning out of control, then perhaps we will see more people peeling off from the operation.

Frankly, it’s long past time.

Alex Jones has always been a big, fat, sweaty shill. 

But he used to have some redeeming qualities to him. His election coverage in 2015 and 2016 was top-notch. Once Trump came to power however, he went full Zionist shill. And when he got censored by Big Jew, he started acting like an erratic madman, talking about Communist Chinese conspiracies and all sorts of stupid shit.

He had a chance to take the fight for the First Amendment seriously, but he ended up acting like a lunatic to try and get more attention on himself and squandered his moment in the spotlight to talk about retarded shit like human/animal/alien hybrid child molesters.

I hope Owen keeps attacking Alex, really pushes his buttons so that Alex Jones begins to lash out.

It will be the beginning of the end for him.

And a lot of people will end up red-pilled in the process.