How Is This Not Trad? “Virgin” Teen Demands 100k Dowry for Un-Popped Cherry

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 20, 2018

At first glance, this seems pretty trad.

News AU:

A Sydney teenager who started a website to auction off her virginity to the “highest bidder” says she hopes to raise at least $100,000 for university, a car and to help her parents pay off their mortgage.


Doesn’t this sound like the plot of every single 19th-century novel written by a chick, ever?

Wow. We really are coming full circle here. Because for millennia, men have known that women’s key selling point is their virginity.

Knowing this, they set up a system in which a man could obtain this highly coveted prize in exchange for services rendered to society.

We called it…

In theory and in practice, the higher a man’s rank and the greater his contribution to society, the higher quality prize he could expect to collect.

Apparently, no one wants to collect on this girl though.

The 18-year-old from Fairfield in Sydney’s west set up the website using the pseudonym Siena Payton shortly after her birthday last month. She said she had already received two bids, one for $1000 and one for $10,000.

“That’s not my goal amount,” she said. “I’m hoping for $100,000.”

Ms Payton said she got the idea after seeing news stories online about supposed “virginity auctions” where some young women claimed to have made millions of dollars.

“I’ve been thinking about it for a long time and I thought I would give it a go,” she said. “I thought it’s best to do it now, later on I might meet someone and I don’t want to have to wait for my first time because I’m still waiting to sell my virginity.”  

Now, here is where the trad narrative falls apart and the whole thing starts to begin grotesque.

Men in the past wouldn’t sell their virginal daughters out to men who would use them for sex… one time.

No, they gave them over to men who would be forced, by law and social expectation, to take care of their daughters and to raise a family with them.

This bitch is acting like a chea- well, technically I guess an expensive whore. And it turns out, she’s also a dupe. Which, I guess, we should have all guessed. Arab oil sheiks are usually the ones who end up buying out these girls (talk about selling your inheritance for some porridge), but we all know by know that they’re not interested in vaginal sex as much as they are into shitting on girls’ chests.

In other words, some of these “virginity auctions” are a scam.

A large number of stories have been promoted by controversial German website Cinderella Escorts, which last year claimed to have auctioned a 19-year-old model’s virginity to an Abu Dhabi-based businessman for $3.9 million.

Cinderella Escorts’ credibility was thrown into doubt earlier this year, however, when a Romanian model who had claimed to have auctioned her virginity as an 18-year-old for $3.7 million came forward to say it was all a publicity stunt.

Aleexandra Khefren, who first made global headlines in 2016 with an appearance on a British morning TV show, told porn website Sugarcookie the “virgin auctions” were just a marketing tool disguising a sinister sex trafficking operation.

“It never happened,” Ms Khefren said in a video interview. “Like, (there) was no bidder. I didn’t sell my virginity. The plan was that … I would kind of become famous with my modelling career, become a celebrity and all that stuff, and they will get so much publicity on their escort site.”

Sugarcookie alleged Cinderella Escorts’ founder was not German man Jan Zakobielski, as named and photographed in local media, but a Greek man who uses the publicity to lure women to work in seedy Athens brothels.



I should have known this was a hoax.

Here’s their virgins section.

This bitch is 25 (old, way past prime), is from Romania (low value) and is asking a million euros (plus you’re going to have to pay the hotel $500 for the bloody mattress):

That is the exact same bitch that is 10 euroes for 10 minutes in Athens.

This Cinderella virgin thing has been going on for years – there’s a story about it every couple of months, and the buyer is always a secret.

And every time I’m like “hmmm.”

Do these stories seem true? 

Whatever the case, The Instragram to Dubai pipeline is real.

These little whores have learned how to use the internet to auction off their pussies for insane prices. [Editor’s note: Back in the golden years of, 28-year-old 6s were trying to charge me $100 an hour – this was ten years ago, before the Instagram to Dubai pipeline. I can’t even imagine the situation now. -AA]

All this goes to prove that no matter what technology we men invent, women will try to use it to sell their pussies. And in a globalized world, pussy goes global, chasing after the highest bidder. The local Chad no longer interests the local Stacy when she can receive her body weight in gold shidded on her over a weekend trip to Dubai. Literally, everywhere you look, the world cries out for Protectionism. In the economy, in the culture, and in the sexual marketplace…

We need dick tariffs, pussy subsidies and sexual quantitative easing for the incel population!

Otherwise, these local guys are going to start popping off. Well, scratch that, they’ve already started popping off. 

One way or another, women are going to sell their pussies because that is literally the only thing they possess that has any objective value. They do not have skills, abilities, personalities or anything else anyone wants. It’s the government’s job to regulate this.

The situation is going to escalate rapidly until the sexual economy is put back on track and the problem of sexual offshoring and outsourcing finally addressed.

But I’m not holding my breath. 

I expect it to only get worse from here on out.