How Deep Does The UK Pedo Deep State Rabbit Hole Go?

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 21, 2018

The idea that the UK is run by child-raping politicians is a persistent meme that just won’t die.

Probably because it’s happening and on a large scale. There’s a very good reason that people whisper about it. Occasionally you even hear about it in the press.


Two former Tory mayors have been convicted of multiple child-sex offences in just 48 hours. One of them has been found guilty of raping a young girl, while the other admitted to over 20 counts of child abuse.

Former mayor of the Welsh county town of Pembroke, David Boswell, 57, was found guilty of rape and three other indecent assaults against two girls at Swansea Crown Court on Monday.

The jury heard that he raped a nine-year old and indecently assaulted another girl aged around 13 between 1990 and 1994.

Boswell, who is a still Pembrokeshire county councillor, was cleared of another three indecent assault allegations by two complainants.

He denied the allegations, which he described as “complete lies” and said they “made me feel sick.” He volunteered to take a lie detector test to prove he was telling the truth.

So here’s how it works when you hit the top echelons of power:

You get a lot of grubs, literal maggots of people who have jumped through all the hoops to get where they’re at right now. Bugmen, yesmen, and wankers.

Jumping through one more hoop isn’t hard once you’ve already started going to an elite prep school. Also there’s a lot of gay shit that has historically always gone down in Anglo boarding schools.

Raping children is a way to get some serious kompromat on you. It’s what the Anglo elite has been doing for a while now. The secret societies and gay shit that organizations like Skull and Bones make their members do is part of a mechanism of control that bonds you with others who are also involved in nefarious dealings.

Other nations also have traitor elites, but they usually use other methods of coercion. Russians are famous for basically making everyone at or near the top stick their fingers in the pot and steal public money. The amount isn’t important, what’s important is that you can be kicked out for “corruption” if you step out of line. It’s a mechanism of control as well, but much more primitive and not as…dark as what the Anglos seem to prefer.

He allegedly fucked that hot-looking pig. Perhaps this was a misunderstanding. Perhaps he simply fucked a fat drunken “slam pig.” In which case, all is forgiven. We’ve all done that and lived to regret it the next day.

And of course, the kikes have an entire religion that serves as a mechanism of control.

From the ritual circumcision to sending the young boys to the raping rabbis when they’re young, they also use these rituals of control.

But they’re kikes and they’re a cursed people. I wouldn’t expect any less from them.

An elite, however, that has started to act like kikes don’t deserve to keep their heads attached to their bodies for long.

Here’s to hoping that someone is keeping a long list of names for when that day comes.

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