Hot Diggity: Trump Calls Queen Maxine a “Low IQ Individual”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 11, 2018

So the 2018 campaign season has begun, and Trump is going out speaking.

This is already bringing back memories. It’s going to be a fun summer.

Real Clear Politics:

President Trump addresses a campaign rally for Pennsylvania special House election candidate Rick Saccone.

Trump hit back at Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters who routinely calls for his impeachment.

“Maxine Waters, a very low I.Q. individual, ever see her? You ever seen her? ‘We will impeach him! We will impeach the president!’ But he hasn’t done anything wrong. It doesn’t matter, we will impeach him! She’s a low I.Q. individual. You can’t help it. She really is,” Trump told the crowd.

It will be very fun to see today how they respond to this.

Because I don’t know if they can resist calling it racist.

But if they call it racist, then it’s all:

Media: Donald Trump is an evil racist for calling Maxine Waters “low IQ.”

Viewer: Well what do you mean?

Media: She’s black.

Viewer: Okay…

Media: Evil racists have long claimed that black people have lower IQs than white people.

Viewer: Well, that would kind of make sense. Black people do appear to be somewhat dumb, not to mention the fact that they look like apes. Is there data to back up this IQ theory?

Media: You’re evil.

Of course, there is data, and no one denies the validity of the data.

But you’re evil if you acknowledge that the data exists.

Because only an evil person would even suggest that it could be relevant to society that there is a 15 point gap in average IQ between blacks and whites.

As far as Trump: was that an intentional frog whistle?

Here’s the full Trump rally.

At 4:40 he calls Chuck Todd a “sleepy sonovabitch,” which was really funny to me.