Honoring Our History 19 – The Renaissance

Daily Stormer
February 26, 2018

This week, the autistes have broken out of containment as Lauritz is abroad. Join Barbute, Horatio Cary and James McCulloch as they tackle the Renaissance.

Topics in rough order:
1. Renaissance begins, but when?
2. Metaphysical shift, end of scholasticism, into nominalism, (((socio-economic))) shift
3. Italian renaissance, the Italian Wars
4. Luther’s autism and German aristocracy, a love story, John Calvin is a tunic-lifter
5. Tudor England
6. Geopolitic shift from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic, exploration

BONUS: Armor evolution spergout!
BONUS: Return of the Katana discussion!
BONUS: Now with 100% more slamming various types of Christian beliefs!

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