Homeless Negroid Vandalizes Boston’s Holohoax Memorial

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
July 1, 2017

Apparently this Negroid wasn’t educated on the importance of the Holohoax!

It looks as if one of the Jew’s pet Negroids went way off the plantation this past Wednesday. A homeless Negroid named James Issac was caught vandalizing the glass Holohoax memorial in Boston.

He threw a rock through one of the glass panels!

Boston Herald:

A homeless man with mental health problems is accused of shattering one of the glass panels at the city’s downtown Holocaust memorial in the first such act of vandalism at the shrine since it was erected more than two decades ago.

“He has been diagnosed with a host of mental health issues and has struggled considerably,” defense attorney Rebecca Kozak said of James E. Isaac. “When he was 8 years old, his father was tragically murdered. This had a significant impact on Mr. Isaac.”

Isaac, 21, was arraigned yesterday in Boston Municipal Court on charges of malicious destruction of property causing more than $250 in damage and willful damage to a church, synagogue or memorial.

As expected, the Jews immediately compared this to the “Night of Broken Glass.” This is a reference to the night when patriotic Germans took back their country from the subversive Jewish menace.

Seems like these Jews are being a bit over dramatic though. If this were anything like what happened in the 1930s, there’d be millions of Jews in concentration camps waiting to be gassed and turned into soap!

Or wait, I forgot that those are completely made up lies. There is nothing about the official Holohoax narrative that is real. Funny how after 70 years the local media keeps repeating these fables as if they’re indisputable facts.

Just think of how much pain this broken glass has caused the Jewish people!

What cannot be disputed is that the Holocaust is a Holohoax. There is no proof that millions of Jews were gassed in fake shower rooms and turned into lampshades.

These Holohoax memorials should all be torn down as they are based on fairy tales made up by Jews. These memorials only exist to guilt White people into believing that Jews are perpetual victims while they simultaneously act as the aggressor.

At least we know that the Blacks don’t give a damn about this stupid hoax!