Holocaust Hunting Jumps the Shark: 93-Year-Old Woman Investigated for Doing a Soapocaust

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 2, 2015

The shark, Jew: You done jumped it.
The shark, Jew: You done jumped it.

German prosecutors are reportedly investigating a 93-year-old woman on the suspicion that she was in the evil Nazi SS and served as a guard.

This idea of punishing people for following orders during a war was insane by anyone sane person’s standards even in 1946, a violation of all precedents of post-war procedure.  Even if you believed all of this gibberish about gassing trillions of Jews for no reason, it was still madness.

But with this persecution of this poor old woman, the Jew-program hunting down of people who simply served in the military of the Third Reich has officially jumped the shark.

The Independent:

It is claimed that Hilde Michnia was also involved in forcing prisoners on a march during which about 1,400 women died.

Hamburg prosecutors’ spokesman Carsten Rinio said his office had begun the investigation of Ms Michnia last week after a private citizen had filed a complaint against her that was allowed under German law.

She is suspected of serving as a guard in the Bergen-Belsen and Gross-Rosen concentration camps, and having been part of evacuating the latter camp near the end of the war and forcing prisoners to march to the Guben labour camp further west.

Ms Michnia told Die Welt newspaper she had not been involved in any atrocities and only worked in the kitchens.

Following the war, filthy Jew communists literally hanged a bunch of women whom they claimed were guards of these lampshade factories.

The execution of guards of the Stutthof concentration camp on 4 July 1946
The execution of guards of the Stutthof concentration camp on 4 July 1946

Historically, it was considered leagues beyond basic human decency to execute women, let alone hang them.  But no one sane ever claimed Jews were human.

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