Hogg is Back! Claims Trump Supports White Nationalism, Hates Blacks!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 10, 2019

Hogg disappeared for a while.

People were sick of seeing him talking about guns.

He’s pivoted to talking about race though because White Nationalism is back in the news with these hearings and whatnot.


David Hogg accused President Donald Trump of supporting “terrorism” against black churches on Monday because Trump had not tweeted about the three historically black churches that recently burned down in Louisiana.

“You won’t see Donald Trump tweeting about this terrorism because it’s the kind he supports,” the gun control activist tweeted while linking to a Reuters article describing the “suspicious fires that destroyed three predominantly black churches in 10 days” in Louisiana’s St. Landry Parish.

More like black pastors burning down their own churches to claim the insurance money.

NAACP President and CEO Derrick Johnson on Monday condemned the “domestic terrorism” in Louisiana and similar church burning incidents in Tennessee.

“What is happening in Tennessee and Louisiana is domestic terrorism and we must not turn a blind eye to any incident where people are targeted because of the color of their skin or their faith. The spike in church burnings in Southern states is a reflection of the emboldened racial rhetoric and tension spreading across the country,” Johnson said in a statement. “But this is nothing new. For decades, African American churches have served as the epicenter of survival and a symbol of hope for many in the African-American community. As a consequence, these houses of faith have historically been the targets of violence. The NAACP stands vigilant to ensure that authorities conduct full investigations.”

This is the propaganda angle that they’re going with now: White Nationalism is a serious threat to American Democracy and must be dealt with by the government.

Say what you will about Hogg, but his FBI dad knows where the winds are blowing, so if he’s coming out and talking about the specter of White Nationalism, then this is a concerted narrative pivot that’s coming. In the context of the social media bans of White Nationalism, followed by this congressional hearing, something else must be coming down the pipeline.

This clever Hogg is just getting ahead of the coming trend.

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