HillaryClinton.Com: “That Cartoon Frog is More Sinister Than You Might Realize”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 13, 2016


I just want you guys to understand something here.

This is on HillaryClinton.com:


Written by someone named “Elizabeth Chan,” the article is entitled “Donald Trump, Pepe the frog, and white supremacists: an explainer,” and carries the subheading “That cartoon frog is more sinister than you might realize.”

It’s about Trump and his son tweeting images of Pepe.

It’s the first result on Google today when you type “trump.”


This was all part of our plan. They have fallen into the trap. Even while I have repeatedly stated publicly “HEY YO JEWS IMA PUT A TRAP FOR YOU HERE LOL.”

They are announcing that a cartoon frog is the symbol of White Supremacy. Everywhere, they are talking about this. Hillary is probably going to give a speech about the frog threat.

The plan from the beginning was that if you associate hardcore Nazism with non-threatening, ridiculous imagery and humor, hardcore Nazism becomes non-threatening. Because it isn’t threatening to begin with. It’s actually the epitome of reasonableness, for Whites to want control of their own countries, to remove non-White parasites and to put an end to Jewish subversion of our systems.

The only reason that Neo-Nazi White Supremacy ever seemed threatening is that it was attached to threatening imagery. The Jews attached this through a psy-war.

They use the image of pure evil Nazis as a club to beat you into silence whenever you mention the idea that Whites have a right to exist.

They have equated all forms of White identity with the Jewish Holocaust, as produced by Jewish Hollywood.

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If you can strip the idea of the associated imagery, the idea is then neutral again, and you can discuss it based on its merits.

So whereas they used to say “no, sorry, we can’t discuss Whites having a right to exist, because if we discuss it, Neo-Nazi White Supremacists will immediately start gassing the Jews in fake showers” and everyone would have to just shut up and submit to systematic ethnic cleansing through mass non-White immigration, now when they say this the response is going to be “wtf is Neo-Nazi White Supremacists? You mean those frog people who spam the Japanese cartoons? They seem pretty harmless to me, tbh. Srsly, just look at this frog. But srsly tho, fake shower death chambers and frogs aside, what the hell are all these people doing in my country? They’re messing everything up and I don’t like it. How about we physically remove them so everything is all chilled-out like it was before?”

The psychological barrier of Holocaust imagery is broken down. The open discussion then begins.

Alex Jones talks about an “Infowar.” But the information itself is largely irrelevant. Most people don’t really care much about information. What matters is feelings. And the feelings come from images tied to words and terms. It’s a Pavlovian situation.

It is clear that no matter how hard you try, they aren’t going to stop calling you “Neo-Nazi White Supremacists.”


It’s a losing battle to try and say “I’m not a Neo-Nazi White Supremacist,” and you also just end up looking weak, like you’re back-tracking and apologizing. For decades people did this “nononononoonono I’m not a White supremacist, I’m a White nationalist/White separatist, I don’t hate and think all cultures are equal,” and they not only failed to sway the Jewish media, but failed to sway the people.

Bad situation.

My idea was to associate their term “Neo-Nazi White Supremacy” with cartoons and outrageous humor, which is why I started telling Jewish journalists that I identify as a “Neo-Nazi White Supremacist.”

It’s all come together so beautifully. They are doing our work for us.

Now, the media is actually beginning to back down from the term “Neo-Nazi White Supremacist” because it sounds so ridiculous.

The other part of the plan is to continue to associate “human rights democracy” with oppression, abuse and being forced to do things against your will. That is also going swimmingly. Again, they are doing our work for us by continually claiming that the masses are against democracy, which is contradiction in terms, as they’ve previously defined the concept of democracy as “the will of the masses.”

So, make sure whenever you are talking about the system, to use the terms “human rights” and “democracy” as negative. It will catch on like Pepe caught on, and they will be left scrambling to find a new term for their own system. They’re already effectively destroying it themselves, as the terms are now so closely associated with having immigrants forced down your throat, so we just need to intensify that.


More fun with Google today – an image search for “basket of deplorables” brings up a bunch of t-shirts people are selling.


I want in on that t-shirt money, fam.

DailyStormer.com is the number one basket preferred by deplorables. And we ain’t got no money.