Heroic Christ-Killer Escaped the Gas Chambers of Auschwitz by Outwitting Josef Mengele

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
January 30, 2018

Evil has a face, and that face is German.

From 1941 to 1944, when the Holocaust was in full swing across Europe, Dr. Josef Mengele gassed, re-gassed and sometimes ate upwards of one million Jews while working at Auschwitz.

Mengele was so good at his job, in fact, that Adolf Hitler promoted him from “camp medic” to “Angel of Death” – an honorary title, accompanied by a trophy that looked similar to a Golden Globe, awarded only to the SS members that showed total commitment to the genocide of the Jewish race.

But despite being an efficient and accomplished mass murderer, Mengele suffered from a personal weakness: he was just too gullible for his own good.

And sadly, lots of inmates at Auschwitz took advantage of him because of it.

One of those inmates was Leslie Kleinman, a 14-year-old Jew who told Mengele that he was 17. Instead of assuming that the beady-eyed Hebe was lying, however, the foolish serial killer instantly believed him – and spared his life.

Daily Mail:

A Holocaust survivor has revealed how he escaped the Auschwitz gas chambers by outwitting Dr Josef Mengele, known as the ‘Angel of Death’.

Leslie Kleinman, 88, whose concentration camp number is still tattooed on his forearm, has told MailOnline for the first time about the heart-stopping encounter with one of Nazi Germany’s most notorious sadists in 1944.

A picture taken shortly before the war shows a happy family. By the end of the War, Mr Kleinman was the only survivor – and he managed it by fooling Mengele into the belief that he was older than he actually was.

‘Mengele was the man who carried out human experiments, including operating on twins without anaesthetic,’ he said. ‘I heard them screaming many times when I was in Auschwitz.

‘When we arrived, we had to line up in front of Mengele to be examined. He needed workers. If he thought we were strong enough to work, we would live. If not, we were sent to the gas chambers. Most of the women and the children were killed.’

While he was waiting in the queue, another inmate told him to pretend that he was 17 rather than 14. It was a difficult decision but Mr Kleinman made up his mind to lie to the Angel of Death.

‘It was the first time in my life that I told a proper lie, as I’d been brought up to be honest,’ he said. ‘My father always told me to tell the truth if you want people to believe you. But I decided that a small lie to save your life was worth it. Some things you have to do.’

When the Nazi sadist asked his age, he duly told him that he was 17. Mengele listened, then waved him to the line of people who had been selected to live.

I can’t believe that this Jew managed to fool a practicing doctor with a PhD in anthropology about his age!

Seriously, this story sounds so improbable that I’m almost inclined to think Mr. Kleinman is lying… but then I remember him saying that he doesn’t lie (except that one time to Mengele).

I’m ashamed to have doubted you, Leslie.

Especially with a face as trustworthy as yours.

If I were Yahweh I would have chosen him too.

Mengele was in charge of administering Zyklon B, the gas used by the Nazis for mass-murder. During the course of his experiments, the doctor injected chemicals into prisoners’ eyes to try to change their iris colour, pulled out healthy teeth, and sewed children together to create artificially conjoined twins.

A lot of Trump supporters believe that the above didn’t happen just because there’s no evidence for it. What we need to remember, however, is that the Nazis destroyed all evidence of their atrocities before the war was over.

This means that a lack of evidence is, in fact, evidence that it happened.

Checkmate, racists.

By the way, if anyone wants to learn more about what the Angel of Death did after fleeing Germany, watch a movie called The Boys from Brazil. It is a highly accurate portrayal of Josef Mengele’s life in South America and shows that – among other crimes – Mengele openly engaged in thot patrolling.

In this case, the thot was a 15-year-old Laura Loomer.

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