Hero Liam Neeson Doesn’t Care If He Gets Fired, He’ll Just Go Back to Stalking Niggers

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 5, 2019

The HERO Liam Neeson, who Monday told an interviewer that he spent a week stalking niggers on the street with a bat planning to kill one at random as revenge for a nigger having raped his friend, is facing a lot of backlash.

“Punish the whole nigger race” is the Liam Neeson way, and it’s beautiful.

He’s more hardcore than me by a long shot.

However, it’s not clear why he told this to the media.


  1. He was on drugs
  2. He thinks planning to kill niggers makes him seem endearing for the fact he didn’t do it (even though he should have)
  3. He is purposefully getting fired so he can once again roam the street stalking niggers with a bat

Who even cares which one it is?

The dude is a HERO.

But some whiny people don’t agree.


This one was funny though:

Ain’t that the truth.

Niggers should be careful calling for Liam Neeson to be kicked out of the movie business.

I have a feeling he actually did beat several niggers to death and just edited that part out of the story for legal reasons.

And you could be next.

He might discriminate by race, but he does not recognize individuals. He just wants to kill any blacks he can find.

By beating them to death with a bat. 

Are you sure this is a man you want with a lot of extra time on his hands?

Make sure you all go PAY to see Liam’s latest in the theater.

And when the ticket man sells you the ticket, tell him you’re seeing it because you hate niggers.

Plus, this shit looks fucking fantastic.