Hero: Cop Gets Caught with the KKK, Refuses to Apologize

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 4, 2015


People are doing racism all the time these days.

The thing about most of them is that they immediately apologize, as if their entire worldview has been changed completely because someone said their feelings were hurt. Some of these faggots will literally go on TV and cry.

Here’s an inspirational story of a guy who won’t apologize and is instead just like “well, yeah – it is what it is.”

Huffington Post:

Louisiana police detective Raymond Mott was fired this week after a local newspaper showed him giving the Nazi salute and wearing a Ku Klux Klan crest at a rally.

The SPLC's Mark Potok - who is the official moral compass of America - was outraged. Simply outraged, I tell you.
The SPLC’s Mark Potok – who is the official moral compass of America – was outraged. Simply outraged, I tell you.

The Jennings Daily News published a photo of Mott at a 2014 anti-immigration rally, wearing his KKK garb. Police Chief Ray Marcantel immediately called on the Lake Arthur Town Council to fire the officer, who refused to resign, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The council voted unanimously on Wednesday to end Mott’s employment, and officials say all of his cases are now under review, the Jennings Daily News reported.

The detective initially said he was working undercover when the photo was taken, but he later admitted that he was lying and was involved with the Loyal White Knights chapter of the KKK at the time.

On Wednesday, Mott tried to explain himself.

The picture speaks for itself,” he told local ABC affiliate KATC. “I’m standing at a rally against illegal immigration. There’s not much to be said about the picture. I’ve never denied it was me.

That doesn’t sound like he “tried to explain himself.” It sounds like he straight-up explained himself, like a man who couldn’t give a fraction of a percentage of a rat’s ass what the faggot Mark Potok thinks of him, his actions of his beliefs.

Mott called his firing illegal and said he has plans to sue the city, the New York Daily News reports.

Meanwhile, District Attorney Michael Cassidy told the paper that there were numerous complaints about Mott’s conduct as an officer. Local authorities will review the arrests he made, and will likely drop charges against defendants in cases where Mott’s testimony is the only evidence available.

A racist? Everything he says is a lie. Because of the hatred. I mean, like, you know?

Good on the dude for not apologizing. Learn from this, dear reader: never apologize for anything. No matter what. They are going to crucify you either way, and all you are doing by apologizing is demeaning yourself. And not just yourself, but your ancestors and the God who created you.

I wish our brother the best in suing the city for this clear-cut violation of his civil rights.

If Mr. Mott is a reader, shoot us an email and we’ll do whatever we can to help you out.

call the splc i don't give a shit


  1. Here’s what the system is doing with this guy:
    They Fire him and violate his collective bargaining contract and multiple other statutes. They will go on a smear trying to set free the worst of the worst just to scare the people. An example that this is what happens to a racist.
    They know they will lose in a legit court, but that will take years. In the meantime this guy is isolated and unemployable. Very unstable existence. If he either snaps and goes postal of self annhialation the problem is solved. If he stays the course, gets a legit court and wins, the stipulation for his windfall will be nondisclosure.

  2. Stand tall, stand proud. White MEN unifying against the invaders is trouble for jews.

  3. Listen up all you communists, niggers and jewwwwsss.

    The KKK is here to spread the newwwsss.

  4. At some point we will have to take a stand. It’s always an advantage to be in a line of work where no one cares what your political ideology is. If you are a teacher or a cop you have to keep a low profile. But if you are an electrician or a plumber then you can tell people to kiss your ass because the people who hire you wont pry into your personal business. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t become teachers, media persons, lawyers, and politicians. We have to work within the system to the extent that we can. But it is good to have a skill you can fall back on so they can’t starve you by terminating your employment.

  5. That rat Potok has the most punchable face I’ve seen in a while.

  6. I wonder who and what the names are of the leaders of the SPLC. They obviously control and own us.The way I figure we are a slave to their thoughts, emotions and feelings.

  7. Potok. Simpering little chicken neck…

  8. When one apologizes, it implies guilt.
    So this is reason #1 we should not be apologizing, because we are the innocent victims here.
    The media and Zionist-bigots should be apologizing to us. True Story.

  9. Sue the city for every shekel they have.

  10. I have said all along that police and soldiers will fall in line when the time comes. We need them. There is gonna be a lot of whack-a-mole to b played and these guys are experienced. The good thing is most White Libs and joos are easily identifiable.

  11. He’s right, too. There is nothing illegal about anything in the picture…. yet. It would surely take one corrupt judge to deem his actions illegal. Unfortunately, He’ll likely get a rigged court session with a hook-nosed judge.

  12. Can’t wait til the niggers they drop charges against murder, but hey, at least they didn’t use the testimony of a racist

  13. I just realized that Mark Potok actually looks like one of those people who have Down’s Syndrome

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