Head of Judicial Watch Says He Doesn’t Trust the FBI – Is There Anyone Who Does?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 7, 2017

The head of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton, has called out the FBI.

Simply tweeting “I don’t trust the @FBI,” he said what we’re all thinking.

Absolutely nothing about this Vegas massacre makes any sense at all, the FBI is in full control of it, and the FBI are a bunch of liars.

They have proven themselves to be both liars and snakes, and no one has any reason at all to believe anything they say about anything.

They have:

  1. Examined the hotel room
  2. Examined his home (including all computers and whatever else)
  3. Interviewed his family members
  4. Interviewed his friends
  5. Flown his girlfriend from the Philippines and interviewed her

And somehow… nothing?


Apparently, there is now a note in the hotel room. They’ve just admitted that in the last 24 hours.

But they say it is a “numerical code.” And they don’t understand it.

They won’t release the note. Even though – I can pretty well guarantee you, 100% – someone on 4chan could figure out what it means.

Business Insider:

Investigators probing the deadly shooting rampage that unfolded on the Las Vegas Strip on Sunday night say that a piece of paper found in gunman Stephen Paddock’s hotel suite was not a suicide note.

Still, there has been much speculation about what may have been on that paper. Police so far have not commented on that detail.

Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said during a news conference on Wednesday night that there was evidence to suggest Paddock had planned to get out of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino alive, but Lombardo refused to elaborate further on that point.

Oh yeah, sure. He was planning to escape from the 32nd floor after the massacre.


At least as much sense as any of the rest of this makes.

Do you know that they are explaining the second vantage point as that he was shooting at aviation fuel tanks?

Seriously, that’s what they’re saying.

That, dear friend, is fucking retarded.

He did not have a rocket launcher.

Here are the tanks.

Do you think this guy – who clearly knew what the hell he was doing – thought he was going to make those explode by shooting them with an AR-15?

From 2000 feet? 

Why would they even make that claim?

Unless they are just L Y I N G?

And the note – why won’t they release it? 

The fact that the FBI won’t release the note is further evidence that they are hiding something.

I personally have no idea what that might be.

There are, as far as I can tell, not very many options here:

  1. He converted to Islam (could be related to Filipino wife and general time spent in the Flips)
  2. He is some kind of patsy for a psyop (if this was the case, the narrative would have already been prepared – they’d be blaming Donald Trump and yours truly)
  3. He is insane (this is simple enough, they should be able to explain that, but there is no history of mental illness and the event was too well prepared)
  4. Something super weird

The fourth option – “something super weird” – could be all sorts of different things.

We are all speculating now, because these fed rats won’t give us any information.

But look.

He COULD have been some kind of MKULTRA agent whose programming went bad. He could have been brainwashed to be triggered into mass murder, and then accidentally have been triggered when he wasn’t supposed to have been.

I’m just throwing that out there – I don’t actually believe it, I’m just giving an example of one bizarre possibility here.

There are all kinds of things that could be going on here.

I have no idea.

Maybe just the idea of a 64-year-old white boomer converting to Islam is something they feel the need to hide – although I don’t really understand why, as that is what everyone is assuming anyway and it would really even be super-duper shocking. It would be weird, but it wouldn’t be out of this world weird.

So look – I don’t know.

What I do know is that they know something and they aren’t saying it and I can’t figure out what that is.

I also know that Trump has effectively been silent on the issue, giving nothing other than a canned “blah blah sad, blah blah, thanks to first responders” teleprompter speech. Which is expected, and I’m not blaming him for giving that speech. But he should – one would think – be doing more than that.

Because our people are dead.

And I want to know what’s going on.

We all want to know what’s going on.

Our dead.

Top Comments

  1. i prefer ballistics analysis. the reason the story doesn’t make sense to me is that at 340m with a machine gun, with lower caliber than a handgun, killed what 59 they’re saying? granted they’re saying 527 injured. that’s massive. how much ammunition would be needed for this? time?
    i would assume that right after the shooting started people would run out. where’s the time for 566 casualties from one dude? that’s massive.
    i’m guessing that to get these numbers (if they’re true)

    1. several gunmen would be needed
    2. those gunmen would have to be using good long guns and scopes and sniping to actually kill 59. killing is pretty difficult with machine guns. they are low caliber and designed to injure people, not kill them.
    3. the people would have to be locked inside the concert and/or shot at for a very long time in random directions in order to get these numbers

    i assume that there are amateur videos from concert-goers’ cellphones available to watch. i haven’t seen them but seen that two were posted at DS here. so i assume actually people were killed (whereas there are no videos from sandy hoax)…though the numbers could be fake. has anyone tried to identify some of the victims and confirm they are actually dead or injured? are there instances of fake casualties (like the sandy hoax dead kid’s pic on tribune.co.uk was saved off some random kid’s profile on faceberg, and that kid is still alive and is british and not even american).

    i think that after the whole trump election we can all agree the MSM is a bunch of lying kikes and that we need direct lines of communication. any brother here who lives in vegas or knows any of these people? what can we get that’s real and from the ground?

    this is the direction in which i’m asking questions

    because if you compare to other incidents, you break open the truth with the ballistics and forensics first. like at columbine, the dead are mostly actually killed with bombs. doesn’t fit the official narrative at all, but officially that’s how most of them died. and that’s just one example

  2. What we need is an old-style news reporting network, with people we know in every city

  3. Option 5, bro: He was a “card-carrying” antifa member (well, a letter carrying one at least) and a radicalized leftist, who shot up what was a large group of country music fans, who tend to be on the right and who probably voted for Trump.

    That’s what I thought the night of the shooting, as soon as I heard that it was a country music concert. Nothing has changed my mind since/yet.

    I mean, they are openly calling for war on the streets. So maybe this particular leftist got off to a bit of a head start.


  4. The CIA made him a psyop patsy with MKUltra brainwashing, but he screwed up pretty bad (there were supposed to be plenty more casualties overall - thousands perhaps), so their original narrative of “ISIS terrorists did it” couldn’t be foisted on the American public. So the feds were left with no plausible narrative, because the event – fortunately – did not go according to plan. It was supposed to be a second 9/11, with many mass shooters and explosions all over the place. Recall the lady who had screamed beforehand: “you are all going to die.” Also recall Paddock’s neighbor who said: “it was a set up.” Paddock or someone else have screwed it up. That’s my theory.

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