Head of German Jew Community Discovered to be Crypto-Goy

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 27, 2018

Pretending to be a Jew used to be a lucrative lifestyle choice.

Obviously, people who are handsome and jacked like me couldn’t get away with it. But if you happened to be an ugly, smarmy, ratlike goy, you used to be able to fake Jewishness and get all the endless benefits of being a part of the most powerful group that has ever existed in human history.

Although this guy isn’t especially ratlike, so maybe Jews are as dumb as blacks when it comes to people faking to be them.

This grift was known as “kike the Jews” or, alternatively, “Jew the kikes.”

Times of Israel:

The head of a German Jewish community has been reported to be, in fact, a non-Jew falsely claiming Jewish heritage.

Wolfgang Seibert, 71, has since 2003 been heading the Jewish community of Pinneberg, a town near Hamburg in northern Germany, and publicly identifies as a Reform Jew.

But family documents show that neither he nor his parents and grandparents are Jewish, and that he hasn’t converted to Judaism, according to a report Friday by the German newspaper Der Spiegel, which called him a “scammer.”

Research revealed that Seibert was born to Christian Protestant parents in Frankfurt and baptized at the age of three days, according to the report.

His paternal grandfather and father both fought for Nazi Germany’s armed forces in World War II, the report said, adding that they wouldn’t have been drafted to the Wehrmacht had they been considered Jews.

Seibert has claimed his grandmother Anna Katharina Schmidt was a survivor of Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz. But the report said her grandfather was Protestant.

But when men pretend to be women, that is a basic human right – not a scam.

Even if they do it and go fight in UFC.

By the way, all of you should be signing up for women’s boxing and beating the shit out of women. It will bring you joy personally, and bring laughs to the entire white race.

You DO NOT need to have breast implants, hormone injections or long hair. You just say you’re a woman and if they claim you’re not you start filing all these various complaints and everything gets shut down (also funny and you may be rewarded money in a lawsuit).

Anyway, this crypto-goy is probably going to get prosecuted for doing this in Germany. I have no idea what law he would have broken, but the Jews will figure out something.

Jews can pretend to be white, but it is not a two-way street.