Harrison Ford Gives Apocalyptic Warning, Calls Climate Change “Greatest Moral Crisis of Our Time”

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 11, 2019

Half-Jewish actor Harrison Ford, who once said “as a man I’ve always felt Irish, as an actor I’ve always felt Jewish” is now focusing his efforts in deceiving the Goyim outside of the big screen too.

Daily Mail:

Harrison Ford has issued a stark warning about the impending impact of climate change, in what he’s called the ‘greatest moral crisis of our time’.

The Star Wars legend’s character may have once helped to fight off evil forces in a galaxy far, far away, but now the actor behind Han Solo is spearheading an assault on a threat much closer to home – climate change.

Ahead of his speech at the World Government Summit in Dubai on Sunday, the 76-year-old delivered a powerful message in a pre-recorded video urging government officials to take ‘action’ against climate change ‘now’.

Asking ‘What does living in a four-degrees warmer world look like?,’ Ford warns that water shortages, rising emissions and ‘worldwide destruction’ would all be inevitable consequences of inaction.

In his several decades long forthright crusade, Ford has been incredibly critical of political leaders who deny the evidence of climate change.

In 2017, the the second highest grossing box office actor of all time – amassing an staggering $4.963 billion – took a series of swipes at Donald Trump for his opinions about global warming.

‘We face an unprecedented moment in this country. Today’s greatest threat is not climate change, not pollution, not flood or fire,’ Ford said during an acceptance speech of the Founder’s award in LA.

‘It’s that We’ve got people in charge of some important sh*t who don’t believe in science.’

Yes. Believe women, believe science, believe. Just believe, goy.

This isn’t even the only old-timer that’s been lately mumbling stuff about a Jordan Peterson-style “impending doom” unless something is done about this climate not being what we expected it to be.

A couple of weeks ago, BBC IDEAS published a short video of 99-year-old James Lovelock, a scientist known for his “Gaia hypothesis” that describes the Earth as a self-regulating system.

Transcript below:

There is a real danger of losing our tenure on this planet altogether.

We’ve got to care about this matter of global warming because if we don’t do anything about it there won’t be anybody here.

During my lifetime the big change that’s happened to the world has been the development of machines and devices and inventions. It’s about time we went back to taking an interest in the environment.

The Earth has an impossible atmosphere. For it to have happened by accident, the odds against it run into countless billions-to-one against. So something’s going on.

I tend to think of the Earth as alive in a sense like an animal or a plant or any other living thing. Gaia looks after us.

What happens to the planet when more carbon dioxide is put in the air? The Earth will get hotter.

It will heat up to a point where no life on it of our kind will be possible.

Take an interest in the natural world, in plants and animals and things that grow naturally.

Not worry too much at all about schooling. The three R’s yes, they’re very important, but all the other stuff I think could be ditched in favour of a better understanding of the world.

There are answers of various kinds but I think it needs the right sort of politics to change people’s thinking about these things and I’d like to see these youngsters using their energies and talents in this way rather than looking for some techy answer because I don’t think the answer’s going to come that way.

I think we have all the things needed to stop global warming. We’re just not using them.

Students are indeed taking that advice about not worrying about school to heart. There’s been protests all over Europe and now even teachers in the United Kingdom are endorsing and inciting students missing school to protest climate change

Daily Mail:

A nationwide school strike over climate change has been ‘applauded’ by the head teachers’ union, leaving many furious.

The mass walkout called UK Youth Strike 4 Climate currently has students in 38 cities and towns across the country planning to join them on Friday’s protest.

It is expected thousands of pupils from places including Cardiff, Brighton, Exeter and Glasgow will down their books for three hours, reports the Sunday Express.

This isn’t the first time that young people have coordinated action against climate change and the UK strikes have taken inspiration from a 16-year-old Swedish activist.

The National Association of Head Teachers, which is chaired by Andy Mellor, has welcomed the day and ‘applauded’ students for being prepared to take action.

A spokesman said: ‘When you get older pupils making an informed decision, that kind of thing needs to be applauded.

‘Society makes leaps forward when people are prepared to take action.

‘Schools encourage students to develop a wider understanding of the world around them, a day of activity like this could be an important and valuable life experience.’

So, here’s the situation.

Why Proposed Climate Change Solutions Don’t Work and Won’t Work

The long and short of it is that if we’d apply the proposed solutions, we’d lose the ability to force others to apply them. If we can’t enforce those regulations in non-Western countries then nothing really changed and the Climate Change Apocalypse they’re warning about will happen anyway.

Keep in mind the West is not even the main source of contamination of the planet. Those would be India, China, and third world shit-holes.

Take for instance the proposed Green New Deal or the Paris Agreement or any other such “plan” to “fight” the climate. Implementing any of those would mean weakening our economies to the point where they’d be virtually dead, increasing taxes, and overall throwing tons of money in the garbage for nothing.

It would be all for nothing because weakening the only people that care about the planet and the environment, which is white people, would result in the people that don’t care about the climate and the environment, such as the Chinese and Indians, to come up ahead and if they come up ahead, people who don’t care about the planet would be controlling the planet.

What We Can Do Instead If We Assume Everything They Say About Climate Change is True

Assuming Climate Change as usually described is real, and that we can stop it, the only way we could stop it would be by taking over the world.

The solution to the planet’s health problems is white people conquering the planet.

It’s the only way to be sure the agreements would be honored.

Once we have full control over everything on Earth, then we can talk about changing our energy sources and investing in solutions that are more friendly to the environment.

Until that time comes, if we want to save the planet, we can’t let the people that definitely don’t care about the planet take over the planet.

We have to be in charge.