Hardcore Nazi Wench Lauren Southern Banned from UK for Trying to Incite Race War

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 27, 2018

At first I was like…

But then I was just like

Lauren Southern entered the UK with one goal: to start a race war on the streets of London by insulting the nigger god of the sandniggers by calling him a homosexual.

But the UK police had other plans for our heroic heroine.


Far-right campaigner Lauren Southern says she has been permanently banned from the UK for distributing “racist material.” Southern was originally investigated under the Terrorism Act and blocked from entering the UK on March 12.

The 22-year-old Canadian was filmed handing out racist flyers emblazoned with messages like “Allah is a gay God” and “Allah is trans” in Luton earlier this year. The political campaigner said the stunt was a “social experiment.” Police shut it down after getting multiple complaints from locals.

In a video posted by Southern, police can be seen telling her that the “Allah is a gay God” project could lead to violence. They can also be heard telling her that, if she did not dismantle the stall and clear off, she could be arrested for a public order offence.

lol “could lead to violence.”

Ya think?

That was all part of Southern’s diabolical plan, of course – to “light a match and set this tinderbox off.”

She was not arrested at the time of the Luton stunt. However, she was blocked from entering the UK on March 13. She was held under schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act and was banned from entering the country. A notice of refusal to enter stated that Southern’s actions in Luton presented “a threat to the fundamental interests of society and public policy of the United Kingdom.”


When Southern was dragged onto a plane and sent out of the country, she was heard screaming “READ SIEGE” at the top of her lungs. She then burst into the cockpit yelling about “KILL THE MAILMAN” and was promptly sedated.

Okay but srsly tho

We can joke about the UK calling Southern a terrorist. That’s funny.

But in actual fact, if you start going around talking about “Allah is gay” and then going out on the streets of European cities, there is a pretty real chance someone is just going to kill you. Like, that is really pretty hardcore.

Her whole thing was like “oh the Moslems are oppressing the queers, oh woe,” but that isn’t an angle that really anyone at all cares about. She’s put herself in a position where she is not going to have very many allies, and a lot of people who want to actually murder her.


Apparently, she wants that. You can say “she’s young and female and doesn’t understand the implications of insulting Allah” but pretty much everyone understands that.

I’m all for provoking these people. It’s good. But Damn. She is bold.

If I were her, I definitely wouldn’t have done the “defending the queers” angle. Because she is now in a situation where she is going to need to ally with the most hardcore people just to keep from being killed on the streets.