Museum Accused of Racism for Kicking Out Mob of Unruly Apes

Daily Slave
May 12, 2015

Museum staff was afraid the colorfuls may attempt to burn the bitch down.
Museum staff was afraid the young colorfuls may attempt to burn the bitch down.

The Guggenheim museum is being accused of “racist” behavior because they were forced to kick out a mob of unruly apes from their establishment.  This was not “racist” or whatever the Marxist fools want to call it.  They simply kicked out a group of individuals who were behaving inappropriately.

Does anyone really think these Negroes were going to appreciate anything inside the museum to begin with?  Why is money being wasted on trying to educate these monkeys with these field trips?  It is pointless.  That money should be spent on shipping them back to Africa.  They would be much happier in their natural environment where they could run around chucking spears and bathing in animal urine.

All that aside, the Guggenheim museum is named after a Jew.  Considering that, much of the alleged art they display in the museum is probably of the degenerate variety.

NY Post:

It’s a Guggen-crime.

The Upper East Side museum banned a Brooklyn high school for life after its students were deemed too rowdy on a recent visit — a move that some call discipline and others discrimination.

A group of about 80 kids from Downtown Brooklyn’s Science Skills Center HS were kicked out after just 20 minutes after a student allegedly spat off the museum’s swirling rotunda lobby and another threw a penny off its winding walkway. The coin was rumored to have hit a security guard.

It was only a handful of troublemakers, but the whole group of ninth- and 10-graders got the boot, with the museum forcing them to wait outside for an hour for their bus to arrive.

Many never got to glimpse the gallery’s Picassos, van Goghs and Monets or even finish checking out the main display by Japanese artist On Kawara.

“I thought, if anything, they [museum staff] should just tell the teachers to control the children more and let us finish the exhibit, but they didn’t even do that. They just kicked us out,” said student Yosmeris Martinez, 14, from East New York.

Shortly afterward, the school was told it was not welcome back.

Just last week, First Lady Michelle Obama pleaded for art institutions to be more welcoming of kids from all backgrounds.

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