Greeks Burn Down Invader Camp – German Media Covers Up Story, Yet Greek and US Media Reports!

George Papailias
Daily Stormer
March 1, 2016


Local Greeks in Giannitsa have been blocking entrance to the camp.

On early Sunday morning, local residents in the town of Giannitsa finally had enough and burned the building and materials the leftist Government was planning to use to house illegal invaders. What makes this story more interesting, is the way German media has responded. Read on to find out more:

This story is the second case of an attack on an invader center by locals that reached Greek media, the first one being on the island of Kos.   The Greek media has been quick to cry about it, and say that Golden Dawn is responsible, despite the clear fact that local villagers are making up the resistance. While all this is going on, the media in German speaking countries is telling an entirely different story about Greece saying that Greece is to blame for the invader problem in Germany! Stories of Germans attacking invader centers in east Germany are also blocked in exactly the same way.


Amazing as this all sounds, German media aired in Switzerland, Austria and Germany, and possibly other EU countries has began to use the narrative that the Greeks are “welcoming all the refugees without proper means of processing them” and “they cannot control their border”The German citizens are being told that Greeks refuse to do anything to stop the invaders and are all supporting it. As they have done in the past blaming Greece for “Destroying the European Project” economically, they are now doing it with immigrants.

Because of this new narrative the stories of Greeks rioting or attacking invader centers have been completely blacked out, stories of the false Greek media reports blaming Golden Dawn for these things, does not get one word of press time on German TV. American media such as Fox News however, has in fact reported on the story.


In 2012 and 2013, Golden Dawn was constantly talked about in the media, German media was talking about the threat of “Neo-Nazis in Greece”. International and US media as well constantly had stories about the “rise of fascism in Greece”.  Today in 2016, the enemies of Nationalism have a new strategy, which is a total blackout, likely because they realized giving more media coverage only gets these groups more support.

So here we have the pattern of a very interesting and dirty political game. The intent is get Europeans to blame each other instead of traitorous politicians like Merkel and Tsipras plotting our genocide.